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The Need to Prioritize Wellness for This Mama


Motherhood and wellness

Philcare wellness box
Philcare wellness box. Photo by Dhadha Garcia.

Motherhood can sometimes be overwhelming. The last thing on my mind honestly, is taking care of myself. But I should really, really make my health and wellness a top priority.

Health Concerns

However, many things are already reminding me of my health and wellness. For one, my feet and calves are really sore at night and whenever I wake up because of the weight they carry. Ugh…Yeah, that means I am overweight. Though I am not obese, my tiny feet and slender legs are having a hard time carrying my body weight because I am top heavy. 🙁 And I am not just being mean to myself.

healthy food
I really need to cook and eat healthy.

Among those reminders that I got recently, was the pretty wellness box pictured above, sent with care from PhilCare. In it are natural soaps, oils sprays, malunggay tea, a health card, and get this–a skipping rope! If it is not telling me to do something then I don’t know what will. And you know what, I just might take on this jump rope challenge. Oh yeah!

PhilCare 360

PhilCare is among the largest HMO companies in the Philippines and they recently launched PhilCare360–a program that aims to provide a holistic approach to wellness to its members, aside from of course, the excellent medical benefits that they have always been known for.

Philcare 360 wellness kit
The wellness gift box from Philcare 360.

PhilCare360 is designed to motivate people to take on an active lifestyle. In this busy and fast-paced world, it is easy to get entangled with everyday concerns that we forget how worn out our bodies have become. The program wants to let people achieve health and wellness–or a holistic state of health.

The company wants to do this through corporate and public workout sessions, healthy eating programs, and information campaign.

PhilCare Go!Mobile

Part of this program is the PhilCare Go!Mobile, an Android app that allows members the access to PhilCare services through their smart phones.

PhilCare also overhauled its website,, to function as an online wellness magazine. The transformation of their site is born of the belief that a website should not only be about the company but should also be for the millions of information-seeking Filipinos who need more information about achieving a fit and active lifestyle. “PhilCare turned its website from a typical online brochure to an online magazine that advocates wellness among Filipinos,” a press release from the company said.

One of the articles that caught my interest in the website is an article about when to find another doctor for your medical concerns. Wow! That is relevant because sometimes, when we have a doctor that we are used to, we no longer want to find another one or seek a second opinion because of familiarity, even if he or she is not effective anymore.

Personal Wellness

Anyway, I know that I should give more priority to my wellness already. If not for myself, at least for my two very young kids because not only do I want to take care of them, I also want to encourage fitness in them.

I am not getting any younger yet these two are growing and the only thing that would help me to catch up with them to become a healthy and happy mama.

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