Sickness Prevented with Onions on the Feet


Can red onion really heal flu?

red onion cure flu - healing benefits of red onion
Can sliced red onions placed under the soles of your feet at night bring healing?

Have you heard about the health benefits of onions? It has been said that placing sliced up red onions around the room can prevent diseases, as people did this during the time of the Bubonic plague to prevent germs from spreading and to keep them from getting sick.

At the same time, it was also believed that if you placed slices of onion on the soles of your feet and wear a sock over them over night, you will feel better if you are down with something.

Our Onion Story

Well, last Saturday, we experienced it first hand. Dindin was joining the elimination round of the SM Little Stars 2014 here in Bacolod City on Sunday, July 27, 2014.

But when Saturday came, she started sneezing and had colds. She has allergic rhinitis and it seems quite easy for her to catch common ailments.

When she slept that night, she could barely breathe. We could hear her snoring and occasionally gasping for air. The mucous was causing all the weird noises that she was producing. We felt helpless.


While I prayed for Dindin, I remembered the onions. You may not share my faith but I think it was also God’s wisdom that directed me. I went to the kitchen and looked for a medium-sized onion that can just fit Din’s feet. I sliced the middle part and got two thin slices for her feet.

I then placed the sliced upper and lower portions in a small, shallow container that I also brought in the room to supposedly clean up the air of harmful germs.

While she was sleeping and breathing through her mouth, I slipped a slice of onion under each foot and let her wear socks. After about 30 minutes, she started breathing normally through her nose. No more loud sounds.

Fact Check

After I did all this, I went to my computer and checked the veracity of this so-called onion remedy. But many have disputed it in several articles, saying that it does not work.

Since I already did it, we really had nothing to lose, except that our room smelled bad. Our eyes were also burning from the strong smell of the red onion.

And that is just one onion! Imagine if I sliced more!

I kept working on my computer. And after about 30 minutes, I noticed that Dindin stopped gasping for air. She closed her mouth while sleeping and she slept soundly until the next morning. She didn’t wake up because of her colds!

Wow! Onion works!

The next day, we just had to clean her nose with a saline solution spray to remove the mucous that had dried up there during the night. And she was able to blow those green mucous out.

We had to do this several times until we left for the contest that afternoon. She sang well at the contest and guess what? She was chosen as the SM Little Stars 2014 for Bacolod (girls) and will represent the city in the Regionals on August 16. Thank you Lord!


Does this sound quack to you? Maybe. But red onions are part of God’s creation and I think that they can indeed be used to restore our health. You may smell bad though, but if it makes you feel better why not?

Just make sure you use old, colored socks. I’m not sure if it will stain on white socks so I’d rather stay on the safe side.

How about you? Have you also tried onions on your feet when you are not feeling well? Please share your story in the comments below.

Health Updates

Here are some other things that we have been doing or using to keep Din’s immunity up. She is now 10 years old and thankfully, her allergic rhinitis and cough are not that frequent anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Sickness Prevented with Onions on the Feet

  1. whoaw…everybody gets sick nowadays because of unpredicted weather.. im sure gonna try this..nothing to lose anyway. 🙂 thanks for sharing Mommy 🙂

  2. Fanatic ako ng mga Natural remedies Ma.Kaya di nawawala sa listahan ko ang Onion.. Dami po talagang Benefits lalo na sa cough and colds..Very Effective po nito.

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