‘The Little Mermaid’ Makes a Big Splash at SM Cinemas


It’s a whole new world, indeed, as now, we can already freely catch our favorite films in cinemas. The much-awaited live-action reimagination of Disney’s classic, ‘The Little Mermaid,’ is currently showing at SM Cinemas nationwide

Catch The Little Mermaid at SM Cinemas

Dive into a world of underwater adventure, finding love, and realizing dreams with Ariel, portrayed by American singer-songwriter, Halle Bailey. Swim with the young mermaid as she trades her voice for legs so she can discover the world above water.

Young moviegoers dress as underwater characters while they pose with Ariel and her friends at SM Cinema. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

State-of-the-art cinemas

At SM Cinemas, movie screens are equipped with cutting-edge technology that offers the highest quality of pictures and sounds. Be a part of Ariel’s world through the SM IMAX experience of crystal-clear scenes, with a wider view of life under the sea. Watch films on a state-of-the-art screen that is twice the size of a regular cinema where one can feel the crashing waves through a cinematic surround sound system.

Comfort and convenience

The comfort and convenience of moviegoers have always been a top priority. The plush seating, spacious theaters, and efficient ticketing systems ensure that the movie-watching experience is hassle-free and fully immersive. 

Moviegoers can enjoy plush seating and spacious theaters for a comfortable and immersive cinema experience at SM Cinema. ~
‘The Little Mermaid’ fans dress up in underwater costumes for the film showing at the SM Mall of Asia’s Director’s Club. ~

Family-friendly environment

SM Supermalls is committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere for families. It is the go-to place to celebrate important milestones or simply bond and have a great time with loved ones. SM has been and is always being true to its mission to provide family-friendly and fun entertainment memories that make every day better for all. 

Moviegoers and their kids play with their underwater friends at the premiere of The Little Mermaid in SM City Cebu. ~

Special offers and promotions

Keep an eye out for special discounts and deals that make cinema experiences even more meaningful.

Book movie tickets with SM IMAX 3D as well as 2D cinemas available at 74 SM Cinemas nationwide.

The ‘Under the Sea’ immersive LED tunnel at the SM Mall of Asia allows visitors to experience how it feels to be living under the sea. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios. ~
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Mermaid Dreams

Everyone has dreams of becoming a mermaid at one point in their lives and so did my kids. They did it with their mermaid swimsuits at the Newcoast in Boracay. It was a fun experience for them! Here’s the video.


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