Galileo Enrichment Center Summer Programs 2018 for Kids


Enhance your child’s skills. Let them join the Galileo Enrichment Center Bacolod Summer Program 2018. Check them out at Bright Kids Preschool in Bacolod City.

Galileo Enrichment Center Summer Programs 2018

Galileo Enrichment Center Bacolod
Galileo Enrichment Center Bacolod directress Sheryll Ong with one of her Galileo students.

Wondering what to let your kids do during the summer break? Why not enroll them at the Galileo Enrichment Center in order to learn new skills? Or improve their skills in Math and English?

What to Do During the Summer

When the summer vacation officially starts, there are two things that students are all very excited of. It’s usually to stay up late doing whatever they like and to wake up late.

It’s like liberation of the early morning grind that students have to face when there is school. Moreover, there are many who are primed to hit the beach or go out of town or travel abroad.

We can’t blame them. They have spent ten months inside the classroom, finishing projects, doing homework, and studying for examinations. The students are definitely looking forward to taking a break and just indulge in rest and recreation.

The Summer Slide

But for the teachers, the break means an uphill battle with the “summer slide.” Studies show that students could lose up to two months of literacy and Math skills throughout the summer.

This is especially true with the preschool and grade school years. These are the crucial stages to develop foundational skills needed in the long run.

Summer Learning Programs

To solve the summer slide problem, enrolling kids in a Summer Program that runs for an hour or two per day answers the learning gap.

The proponents of Galileo Enhancement Center acknowledges the different learning pace and style of each child, taking into account one’s need for an encouraging and positive learning environment.

Their organization aims to improve students’ academic aptitude by cultivating mastery of Math and English skills in a fun and meaningful way, thereby making them lifelong learners.

Galileo Enhancement Center

This summer 2018, Galileo Enrichment Center Bacolod will be offering programs that will help prevent summer learning loss. Of course, these will be done in exciting ways.

These innovative programs tap into the interests of the students while teaching them essential and practical learning skills.

A special area at Bright Kids Preschool has been converted to accommodate the Galileo Enrichment Center Bacolod.

Financial Literacy

Meanwhile, the Summer Math Club ​is a program integrating Math concepts to real-life situations. It aims to enhance the student’s mathematical ability, creativity, and critical thinking skills. The main goals of the Summer Math Club are financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

The two-module program also aims to teach money management and entrepreneurship along with the Math concepts essential to each lesson. These include basic operations, percentage, decimals, measurement, and graphs.

Digital Summer Camp

The Digital Summer Camp: Coding and Technology is a techie summer class program that allows children to have fun while learning digital skills. This programming course aims to break classroom walls and create a learning space that will boost the child’s creativity using technology. It also encourages learning through collaboration and cooperation among their peers.

Robotics for kids
The students of the Digital Summer Camp are working to get their robot named “Sphero” to go to where they want it to go.

With Power Mac trainers as their mentors, children will be able to enhance their use of digital tools and bring life to their imagination.

The Digital Summer Camp is in collaboration with Power Mac Center. It is one of the recognized leading Apple Premium Reseller, Authorized Education Reseller, Authorized Training Center, and Authorized Service Provider in the Philippines.

Regular Galileo Courses

Meanwhile, the Galileo Enhancement Bacolod Center will continue to offer their regular courses, in addition to the summer programs. These are:

Bright Kids Preschool Courses

On a different light, I would like to mention also that Bright Kids Preschool has their own summer programs. These are for the different levels that will prepare your child for preschool. These are the classes:

  • Babies on board
  • Toddler station
  • Junior campers

Where to Go

For more information about Galileo Enrichment Center Bacolod Summer Programs, visit the center. They are located at Bright Kids Preschool, 10th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. Or you may call Tel. No. (034) 433 4713.

Find Bacolod City on the map.


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