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Teaching My Daughter to Fold Her Underwear


One of the most intimate things that a girl can own is her underwear. We wash and then we fold them. Right, ladies?

Folding Underwear

At present, I am still the one washing my daughter’s undergarments. And that is fine, we will get to both of them washing their dirty pieces later on. They are not exempted from household work, especially that we do not have our own helpers.

Dindin and some of her folded underwear. Yes, they are all Barbie panties.

But several months ago, I started my eldest Dindin, age 5, into folding her own underwear. She would remove them from the hanger where they dry, turn them out, and then fold them.

We don’t really need complicated folding techniques because she only has a small space in her cabinet so she just folds them lengthwise, piles them up, places them in the designated spot in her cabinet, and closes it. However simple, that is still instilling responsibility to her.

She starts with a bunch of topsy turvy panties and she works on each one of them with care.

Happy With the Responsibility

What I am glad about is that Dindin takes this responsibility seriously and still manages to do it happily. On the average, the folding activity is about 2-3 times per week, depending on how many times I have washed.

Although it takes quite a long while for her to finish folding, she neatly presses each one with her hands until they are smooth or like they were ironed. I let her do this when it is her TV time and she is just sitting there. At least, her hands are busy and she does it well. 😀

I know this may be simple. I know it is not a grand chore for my daughter to fold her underwear. But I know of ladies who are already in college and still do not know how to properly wash and store their intimate garments. That is why I think this is an achievement for Dindin already.

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5 thoughts on “Teaching My Daughter to Fold Her Underwear

  1. i believe that children must learn such things while young, they must know how to be responsible in taking care of their personal belongings 🙂

  2. i thought it is really ideal that we teach the little ones small chores they can manage with their little hands. now this is a very clever idea! i will teach Jared to fold his undergarments later when he arrived from school! 🙂

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