Teaching a Child About Cleanliness


We teach Dindin basic like skills that include cleaning and keeping things tidy. Ever since she can hold things, we would gently coax her into packing her toys away after use or at least before we go to bed.

She would also see her Papa and I cleaning the room, wiping, mopping, and throwing things in the trash can. While we do not really let her help in the cleaning of the room because of her allergies, she would sometimes pretend that she is wiping surfaces or cleaning the floor, following our example. Sometimes, she would pick things up from the floor and ask me to open the bathroom door so that she can throw it in the waste can.

Maybe when she is older and we can have a garden, we will have those compost bins from so that she can be taught the value of recycling, composting, and re-using things so that she will be aware of these things. That way, she will have awareness about the environment and how she can help in preserving it at a personal level.

We believe in educating basic life skills to kids because their minds are like sponges. If there is positive reinforcement in teaching them these things, then later on in life, they will grow up to be considerate and responsible adults who care not only about themselves but also about the world around them.


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