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Simple Tips for Keeping Straight Hair Healthy


Tips on Keeping Straight Hair Healthy

Here are some hair care tips to keeping straight hair healthy as it grows longer. These are what I did on Din’s hair.

hair care tips for straight hair - Keeping Straight Hair Healthy
Din’s hair stays healthy as it grows longer. Here are the things I do to keep her mane healthy.

Our eldest daughter Dindin’s hair is now quite long. Her straight black hair extends to her waistline already. It really nice and so people are already noticing her healthy locks. From being a bald baby, Dindin’s hair is like that of a little lady’s now–all because of proper hair care and grooming.

So the question now is, what are the things that I do in keeping straight hair healthy as it is grows longer? Here are some hair care tips.

Simple Hair Care Tips

Get a Regular Trim

The biggest thing about keeping straight hair healthy would be the regular hair trims that I do on her. She has yet to go to a salon for a trim because I cut her tresses at home. That saves me money and trips to the salon. And since it’s convenient, I can do it whenever we feel like it.

Looking back, I think that on the average, I do the trimming once a month. I do not cut long portions but rather really short ones. The average length is about 2mm every time I cut her hair. It is just enough to keep her hair healthy and do away with the split ends. But I do it often enough in order to make it grow healthy and be of the same length.

hair care tips for straight hair - Keeping Straight Hair Healthy
I trim just a short portion, like 2mm, because Din likes her long hair.

You can’t actually have that in a salon. When you tell the stylist to cut half an inch, they will end up cutting at least two inches off your hair. I think they feel bad letting you pay for their fee and trimming only very minimally. That is why I do it on Dindin. I never got it right at the salon.

hair care tips for straight hair - Keeping Straight Hair Healthy
We just use regular scissors in trimming her hair.

I don’t really use professional hair shears in the process because I don’t want to buy an extra pair. I use a regular pair of scissors that I also use to cut stuff in our room. hehe It is sharp and that is what I have. It still does the job so that is fine with me. Besides, Dindin isn’t complaining either. hehe

Use of Shampoo With Conditioner

Din’s head can get really sweaty and if we skip shampooing her hair for day, she would complain that her head is itchy. It can be bothersome when she sleeps at night. So we have to shampoo everyday. I alternate using regular conditioning shampoo on her with a baby shampoo or organic shampoo.

But whatever kind of shampoo I use on her, it has to be a conditioning shampoo because if not, her hair would be scraggly and hard to manage.

HairFood Co. Awesome Volume Conditioner - Keeping Straight Hair Healthy
HairFood Co. Awesome Volume Conditioner.

One of our favorite hair conditioners is the HairFood Co. Awesome Volume Conditioner because it smells good, gives bounce, and of course, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. I have a young daughter and there’s no point in exposing her to harmful chemicals from beauty products.

Use of a Separate Conditioner

Additionally, I apply a separate hair conditioner after shampoo. We cannot do without it. Her thin wispy hair is bound to have a lot of friction when it dries. Conditioner is really very important in keeping straight hair healthy.

So I apply conditioner on the ends of her hair, which makes it shiny and easy to comb. So at least her long hair is not prone to split ends and other damages. I don’t put conditioner on the roots. I really don’t know if it is good or bad, but I just want to avoid putting things on the roots of the hair because that is the part that alive. And if something goes wrong, hair fall may be inevitable.

Hair Treatments

Since Din is still a child and we do not really style her hair often, she does not need intense hair treatments. But she does need them from time to time. We just use natural products, such as sunflower oil and tsubaki oil, both products of HairFood Co.

If it’s sunflower oil, I apply a little amount on her hair at night and then comb it through. I let it stay overnight. But we avoid it during the summer because her head gets so sweaty.

We use tsubaki oil during the day to smoothen the stray hairs so that her hair will look really straight and neat.

And recently, we discovered a new product from HairFood Co. — the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush that is working wonders on Din’s hair, even when it’s all tangled and messed up.

Combing or Brushing

I encourage Din to comb and brush her hair in the morning and at night. It will help in the blood circulation in the scalp and also release the hair’s natural oils to keep the mane healthy. It is really important in keeping straight hair healthy.

Hair care tips for straight hair - Keeping Straight Hair Healthy
Combing or brushing twice a day is like a ritual.

Avoid Tying Hair

You will seldom find Dindin with her hair tied at the back or braided. We do style her hair when needed but usually, she just lets her hair down. We just tie it in a bun twice a week during her ballet classes. And when she comes home, she removes all the ties and pins.

Din prefers her hair that way. And I think it helps to keeping her straight hair and healthy.

So that’s it. That is how I take care of Dindin’s hair to keep it healthy and strong as we grow it long. Oh, it rhymes!

How about you? Do you have hair care tips that you can share here? Do comment below. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Simple Tips for Keeping Straight Hair Healthy

  1. yeah my daughter’s hair is starting to get long, she is 2. i haven’t gotten her a hair trim yet and not sure when a good time to start is. maybe next time i get mine done, i will get hers done too.

    1. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks for sharing your tips . It does really help. I appreciate everything you share

  2. Dindins Hair was well taken care of. With regular trims & the moisturizing of her ends..That did the trick! This is a Super tip to know!! :0)

  3. I would love to see a pic of this gorgeous hair… another way to keep it healthy is to air dry if possible and not use product unless necessary

  4. I have been wanting to switch all my beauty products to organic or natural. I’ve switched deodarant’s and absolutely love it (Toms of Maine). I would like to try organic shampoo/conditioner. Any recommendations?

  5. Great tips! My daughter’s hair is very prone to breakage…I may start trying to trim it regularly to see if that helps. thanks

  6. I also have long hair, but I am really bad about cutting it or trimming it. I like that it is mentioned that just a little is needed to be trimmed. I say 2inch and they cut like 6inches and so its nice to hear someone else who is trying to keep the hair long say trim shorter length.=)

  7. Laki po pala ng naitutulong ng regular hair trimming sa pagkakaroon ng healthy hair..thanks for the tips Ma..From now on lagi na ko papa-trim

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