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Shopkins Shoppie World Vacation Doll – Jessicake


Shopkins Shoppie World Vacation Doll – Jessicake 

Dindin loves collecting Shopkins toys and travel. And the Shopkins Shoppie World Vacation Doll – Jessicake seems to have combined everything.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll
This Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll is an answer to Din’s prayer. Does this mean that God will also grant her desire to go to London as well?

We did not collect Shopkins when it was first introduced in the market. I just thought they were too expensive for such little toys. But when Shopkins Season 8World Vacation Series came out, I thought it would nice to get them the Asia collection because we just came from Hong Kong.

But when I heard the girls play their Shopkins Asia collection talking like they had Oriental or Chinese accent, I thought it would be nice to get some different sets of the Season 8 series. I got them a few of the America and the Europe sets. It was so much fun to hear them play and mimic the different accents from different countries.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll
It is Din’s ardent desire to go to London someday.

The Asian collection is representative of the place that they have visited while the Americas and Europe collections represent their dream travels for the future.

Shopkins Shoppie

We have seen at the toy store that Shopkins has released a line of dolls called the Shopkins Shoppie. I think they would be the shoppers in the pretend play. But we thought that they cost too much money and we didn’t want to buy them anymore.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll
Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll.

However, last Christmas, Shane got a Shopkins Shoppie gift from her Ninay Sansan. It was the Lucy Smoothie doll and it comes with two Shopkins. Dindin also expressed that she wanted one and we all decided that they were just going to take turns playing with it.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake

Last February 16, Din joined a mini golf tournament with her peers and she played well. She went home with the trophy for her age group. After the game, we passed by Robinsons toy section and it was there that she discovered Shopkins Shoppie World Vacation – Jessicake.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll
The Shopkins toys display at Robinsons Place Bacolod Department store.

She desired it so much because first it was a Shopkins Shoppie, second it represented London, and third, it represented a traveling girl. It was like the doll was speaking about her. She has been crazy about going to London.

Her Obstacle

You would think that with her achievement in golf, we would just buy her the doll. But no.

The problem was, the Shopkin Shoppie Jessicake is P900. For us, it’s way too much money to spend a doll when summer is coming and we have summer classes that they are going to enroll in, such as the Galileo Money Smart Camp. Read more: Galileo Enrichment Summer Programs

She was disappointed, to say the least. Her Papa said that if she wanted something bad enough, she had to work for it. Her dad gave suggestions on what to do.

Working for It

That same afternoon, Dindin took out her canvases and paint. She said she was going to paint and sell her artworks to earn her some money. The whole family went to a party but she stayed behind to paint.

At least, we thought that we got to her in terms of working for what she want. She was upset for a just a little while, then she picked herself up and started working for what she wanted.

Chinese New Year Gala and Raffle

That day was also Chinese New Year. So that evening, we attended a Chinese New Year gala at the SMX Convention Center in celebration of the Bacolaodiat.

As is the custom every year, there is a raffle and cash prizes are at stake. While we were partaking of the lauriat dinner, the raffle started and consolation prizes were at stake. Dindin held on to her ticket while eating, while I was busy feeding Shane.

After several names were called, she asked, “Mom, how come we never win these raffle draws?” At a loss and still busy with Shane, I blurted, “Ask God, He knows everything.” Then I went back to feeding Shane.

Would you believe, a couple of numbers later, Din’s number was called. We didn’t even realize it until she started screaming and ran to the stage! I think she must have asked God right after I replied to her and He answered! How awesome is that!

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake - winning in the raffle
Dindin was so happy that her ticker number was called in the raffle that she took off from our table screaming. hahaha

The prize was only P1000 but to a child and how God answered her prayer was just EPIC!!!

What to Do

Now that she won P1000 fair and square, we all know that is Din’s money already. She told us afterwards that she can already afford to buy the Shopkins Shoppie and would still have a change of P100.

But this practical Mama thinks that it’s still too much money so I tried to dissuade her from buying the doll. After all, we have so many things to spend for in a couple of months. We don’t really ask them to help in the family budget, but to save for what they want.

Dennis and I talked and he asked, “What if, maybe, it is already God’s answer to her prayer?” I was still not convinced.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll
Yes! Dindin received more than enough money to buy her Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll. We let her pay in cash.

Later that night, the grandparents called the kids and gave out Chinese New Year gifts. Din got another P1000! Now, she had P2000 in her hands and she was all the more itching to buy her doll because she could more than afford it.

Watch the Kids’ Video below

The kids made an unboxing video of their Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll.

An Act of Faith

My husband and I discussed it. What if indeed God answered this child’s prayer? Would we let logic and pragmatism get in the way? What are we trying to teach her then? This was no longer a matter of buying a toy but a matter of teaching her about faith.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll
The Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll after unboxing.

So eventually, we gave in and when we went back to Robinsons that week for an errand, we brought them so that we can buy the Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake. We just asked Dindin if it’s okay to share the Shopkins with her sister she only wanted the Jessicake doll anyway. She agreed. After all, they just share Shopkins anyway.

Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake doll
Dindin paying her Shopkins toy with her own money.

What an amazing learning opportunity for Dindin, just because of the Shopkins Shoppie doll. I wonder now, will God really honor her prayer of sending her to the United States and London? Let’s see. 🙂

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1 thought on “Shopkins Shoppie World Vacation Doll – Jessicake

  1. This was also a learning experience for us parents. When she won, it did not cross our mind right away that she can now buy the toy. But Dindin declared, upon winning, that God has answered her prayer and has provided her the money to buy the toy. It was a situation that taught us some lessons, and reminded us to relearn old lessons.

    – Lesson 1: There is a God who is alive, and can hear us, and is involved with our lives. He knows what we want, and wants us to tell Him what we want.

    – He is a God who heard her, who heard her prayer and that means He listens to what she has to say and wants to hear her say what she wants. I had to ask: Will God give her the money or toy if she never asked and only listened to me to only earn the money? Instead of also praying for it?

    – God is able to give her the money that easily, and that quick, because He rich or wealthy. He is unlimited.

    – We had to emphasize to Dindin that God is generous. That He did this out of His kindness and grace. That this is not about her deserving the gift because she did something. I must tell her also that this is a gift from her loving Father to her, His beloved daughter.

    – Yet at the same time we had to remind her that when we asked her to earn it by making money, that in using her creativity and efforts, ‎it is because God has given her the ability to produce wealth. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

    I am also happy that when we told Dindin that we will think about it before we give her the go signal to buy the toy, she did some reflecting also. And it made her remember the lesson she learned from Cha-Ching Videos ( She planned not to just spend but to also save some and give to others as well.

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