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Online Jobs that Work-at-Home Moms Can Do

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More and more moms are opting to stay at home and take care of the family. Thankfully, there are a lot of online jobs they can do at home to help out in the family budget.

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~Many moms opt to work at home so that they can take care of the children and household affairs.~

Why Moms Stay at Home

In the 90s, moms were more on building their careers. They also use their salaries to help augment the family income. When moms earn, the family can usually send the kids to private schools and afford family vacations. They could not afford these luxuries if there was only one source of income.

In a middle income household, the home is then managed on a day to day basis by an overall helper. The kids have their babysitter or two. Sometimes, a driver is hired to bring kids to school and do errands to the supermarket with the helper.

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~Working online gives moms flexibility. They can go on a family vacation and still take part in a teleconference.~

Some of the reasons why moms have left the career path because they:

  • are missing their children’s milestones and growing up years
  • miss most of their children’s special school events
  • can better nurture and guide their children
  • can correct wrong behavior and teach them good values
  • are realizing that they can save on expenses if they stay at home and take care of the household
  • can spend more family meal times together before the children become teenagers
  • have the option to supervise their children if they choose homeschooling
  • have husbands are working abroad or somewhere else so they realized that having one parent at home is better
  • are happier and more fulfilled when spending time with the kids
  • can can create happy family traditions that they can cherish years later

Changing Mommy Career Trends

Eventually, the career trend for working moms changed. Mothers may have started realizing some things. They now prefer to stay at home.

They save on expenses for the salaries and consumables of household help and babysitters. And the best part is, they can personally oversee their household and family affairs. They are also present when their husbands come home from work. Some women put a value on this, so to each her own.

online jobs for moms - motherhood - family budget - family income - money - sideline - make extra money - work at home moms - Bacolod mommy blogger - teleconference - online clients - computer- laptop - high-speed internet
~A computer and good internet connection are the prerequisites of an online job.~

But times are hard. Rates of inflation are rising and a moms knows that she needs to manage the family budget wisely.

The Rise of Work at Home Moms

Meanwhile, aside from cutting corners, more mommies realized that they have some spare time on their hands. They have decided to use this time to work on online jobs that could bring in another income stream to the household. It can be a part-time or a full-time job (with flexi-time), but the appeal of working at home as freelancers are too irresistible for the modern mom.

They have decided to use their skills for online jobs that suit their personality, lifestyle, and availability. Thankfully, the digital job market has so many options for the Pinay mommy who wants to make extra money.

Online Jobs Available for Moms

There are so many online jobs that work at home moms can take on, depending on their skills. Some job requirements need experience, but other employers are willing to train.

Here are some online jobs that moms can check:

  • 1. Content Writer
  • 2. Online Tutor
  • 3. Software and App Tester (e.g.
  • 4. Virtual Assistant
  • 5. Transcriptionist
  • 6. Data Entry/ Researcher
  • 7. Talent Acquistion/ Online Recruiter (not networking)
  • 8. Survey Respondent (pays really low but can be used for extra money)
  • 9. Blogger for companies that need content
online jobs for moms - motherhood - family budget - family income - money - sideline - make extra money - work at home moms - Bacolod mommy blogger - teleconference - online clients - computer- laptop - high-speed internet - average pay rates
~ There are so many online jobs for moms. Ask help on how to negotiate for better pay rates. ~

Negros Online Workers

In Bacolod City, a team of online professionals have worked together to help out those who want to work online. They share job opportunities as well as tips on how to land a job. Most especially, they share tips on how to properly negotiate for a fair pay rate.

If you need help starting your online career, follow Negros Online Workers on Facebook. It was started by Ma. Clarice Lao-Itumay, a seasoned online content writer and virtual assistant. She has several years of experience in the online job market and she is generously sharing her knowledge and expertise. You can message her directly through the FB page.

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15 thoughts on “Online Jobs that Work-at-Home Moms Can Do

    1. i have been trying to get an online job for months but have not been able to get one. I am still trying to get a online typing job or offline typing job. can someone kindly help me please

      1. Are you from Bacolod City, Kailene? Because in Bacolod, the Negros Online Workers group can help you and channel you to the right opportunities. Plus, they can help you know about fair wages and benefits. Their information is on the blog.

  1. It always good to have a second source of income. I’m not a mom but I still work from home. I know a lot of people that would love to work from the comfort of their homes as well. I’m going to share this for sure. Thanks! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.

  2. I’m not yet a mom, but I work from home, too. I can still travel while working and there’s just a lot of benefits when working from home! I totally love this freelance work set up. So flexible!

  3. Great list.. I have been trying to get my sister inlaw to start working from home but she seems not to be interested, now that her kids have all grown up she wants to start work outside of the home. but i still think working from home will still avail her the opportunity to still be spending more time with the kid.. will still have to forward this to her, maybe it can change her mind after reading it.

    1. Hi Ewuzie! Well, it really depends upon the person. There are women or moms who are more cut out or are more effective when they work in an office setting or maybe in sales and marketing. But a lot of us like to spend time in the home doing household chores and teaching kids. So being a freelancer and working from home is best for us. That’s fine. To each his own, I guess. 🙂

  4. There is always a huge advantage for a mother to do works that she loves, much more a work-at-home job. There are many types a mom can do essential tasks to benefits for her children. In fact, I found this article on how you can be a virtual assistant.

  5. Thank you for sharing about NOW. Personally, I am forever grateful to have this opportunity to earn even if we’re just at home. 🙂

    For those who are interested to know about online freelancing, feel free to join the group. We have a lot of wonderful and helpful members. See you inside.

    1. Thank you Clarice for opening this avenue for moms to work on online jobs. These have really helped stay at home moms become work at home moms and contribute to the family budget. It is really a big thing nowadays for the woman of the house to have some pocket money. What more if she’s earning a significant amount regularly. It really helps make life a little easier for everyone in the family. 🙂

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