Nestokid is Now NESTOGROW



Our well-loved follow-on formula Nestokid has re-branded and is now Nestogrow. It has the same goodness that our kids loved, except that it now contains a probiotic for healthy tummies!

Nestogrow - Shane
Shane joins the #GrowHappy campaign by Nestogrow. It’s so nice to be happy.

Breastfeeding As Long As You Can

The World Health Organisation recommends the exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life.  And babies should continue to be given breast milk for as long as possible. I agree with this, as I have breastfed my second daughter Shane for 3 1/2 years. That’s called extended breastfeeding.

Personally, we have witnessed and felt the benefits of breastfeeding in our own child that I can never discount them. That is the reason why I persevered in breastfeeding even if Shane was already standing up while latching. Nobody can take the joy and the lovely memories I had while breastfeeding. In the same way, nobody can shush me up about my testimony as a breastfeeding mom in my own channels.

And since then, I have strongly advocated for breastfeeding. I am actually the prime mover of the Facebook page, Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod. It is a page that shares information about breastfeeding as well as photos of lactating moms. Hopefully, seeing these photos regularly will make us all more used to the sight and make it as a norm again.

More Complex Foods

Meanwhile, babies grow at different rates. Like most moms, I was advised by our pediatrician to start giving simple foods to Shane starting when she was 6 months old. We gave her bananas, mashed potatoes, squash, cereals, and other pureed foods.

Under the guidance of our doctor, the new foods were introduced one at a time. She was given a single kind of food for about three days, to make sure that her tummy can take it. And it will also rule out allergic reactions.

As Shane got older, we gave her different foods to try. Most of the time, we just stay home, so the kids get to enjoy freshly made, homecooked meals. Eventually, we included yogurt and yogurt drinks in her diet. She also discovered fresh as well as chocolate milk. We just let her, because we believe in the nutritive value of these foods.

While she enjoys some sweets like candies, donuts, cakes, and ice cream, these are not given everyday. Quantities are also controlled. We don’t give her soda as well. We do allow her to eat chips, but I can hardly remember the last time that she ate them. Dindin, on the other hand, does not eat candies, ice cream, cakes, or junk food. Go figure.

Grow Happy

Now, we have discovered the growing up milk, Nestogrow. First she drank Nestokid 4 and she continued drinking it when it became Nestogrow. Shane has just turned 5 years old and she is growing happily!

Nestogrow tastes pretty much the same. But it changed its packaging and the name. Plus, it now contains L.comfortis®, a probiotic that helps in the proper absorption of nutrients. Since nutrients are more utilized by the body, this process contributes to the child’s brain, body, and overall development!

Nestogrow - Bacolod mommy blogger- mommy blogger
Nestogrow comes in three packages.

Plus, Nestogrow also has LIPO ACTIV, which contributes to better calcium absorption. All of these make one happy and healthy kid! This is so like Shane, who was so ready and excited when she went to Kinder School.

Now studying at Bright Kids Preschool at Villa Lucasan, Shane is active and very keen to learn. She is also very enthusiastic when participating in their activities, such as their Entrepinoy. Plus, she even won their Best in National Costume Award during their Araw ng Wika Celebration.

Same Price

What makes Mama happy with the new Nestogrow is the price. Despite the good things added in Nestogrow, it’s price is still the same. Yes, mommies, you read it right. No price increase from Nestokid to Nestogrow, so our family budget is still intact.

Shane drinks Nestogrow once a day, usually at night, the same with her older sister. Achi Dindin is now 9 years old. So at least, I don’t have to buy a different milk for her.

Nestogrow Unboxing

Shane is one of the first ones to receive Nestogrow in its new packaging, so she was so excited to unbox them. Check out her unboxing video below. She’s so cute!

Find Nestogrow online:

  • FB page – NestogrowPH
  • Website – www.Nestogrow.com.ph

24 thoughts on “Nestokid is Now NESTOGROW

  1. Home cooked meals are the best! I understand we sometimes need additional boosters to get all the proper nutrition. And it’s good that you have found a milk supplement for your child in Nestogrow. She seems to be happy with it. 😀

  2. Aaaw! Baby Shane is so happy to un-box her Nestogrow package mom! It’s so nice that you got these goodies as your child grows. And as well, you’re right when you say that kids should be breastfed a little longer since it highly boosts their immunity.

  3. My nephew is now just a month away from becoming two years old. He’s still being breastfed by my sister. 🙂 And I would say that he’s as healthy as a bull. It’s great to know that there are products out there that he could drink to help him have a healthy tummy. I’ll suggest Nestogrow to my sister when my nephew turns 4 years old. It seems like a great product based on your review. 😀

  4. I have never heard of Nestogrow. I breastfed as long as my children would, but they all self weaned around one year old. I like the idea of using a good formula once they are no longer nursing.

  5. Although I don’t have children of my own, I can only imagine how great this product would be for a growing child. Having the ability to provide probiotics via supplements like Nestogrow or foods for children must be great! I wish I had had access to that when I was younger.

  6. I agree with you that sometimes kids need additional supplements to get the proper nutrition. It’s great that you have found a milk supplement for your child in Nestogrow. She looks so happy with it. Little Shane looks so cute.

  7. Totally agree that breastfeeding as long as possible as it benefit baby and also saving money. The best milk for babies are from the monthers! However, breastfeeding need a lot of hardwork so really bravo to all moms who breastfeed their babies. The nestogrow unboxing look so fun!! I can see Shane is so excited!

  8. I completely agree that absorption of nutrients is extremely important to a child’s development. Having that probiotic in the formula is awesome as it is key to growth. This Nestogrow sounds like something my nephew could use!

  9. Great that you have found a milk like Nestogrow for your little darling. Love as well that though you allow them to eat chips, they hardly look for it. Love that. My boys are fond of chips and candies because they see their mom eating them.

  10. Finding a suitable milk powder is sometimes a challenge. I heard in Hong Kong, everyday the haul of milk powders are getting crazy from the customers in China. Glad you found Nestogrow.

  11. Wow. Dami palang benefits ng Nestogrow para sa mga kids natin lalo na pag di na sila nagbreast feed satin..I love the fact na it can help our kids Tummy and body development because of its L COMFORTIS

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