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My Christmas Wishlist for Family and Friends | The SM Store Bacolod Giveaway


Christmas Wishlist Under P10,000

December na! And even if we don’t like it, Christmas is the season for gift-giving. But with tough times and inflation, shopping for gifts can be really challenging. The best thing to do would be to make a Christmas wishlist, then set a budget, and stick to it.

Christmas wishlist - Christmas gift ideas - Christmas - family - Bacolod blogger - Bacolod mommy blogger - shopping - The SM Store Bacolod - SM City Bacolod
My Christmas wishlist for family and friends that fit my shopping budget.

What Will P10,000 Get You?

If you have a shopping budget of P10,000, how many Christmas gifts can you get for your family and friends? So the I went around the SM Store Bacolod at SM City Bacolod yesterday and I found that P10,000 is already ample. I was able to spot pragmatic items for every person on my list and I didn’t go over the budget. Whoppeee!

Christmas wishlist - Christmas gift ideas - Christmas - family - Bacolod blogger - Bacolod mommy blogger - shopping - The SM Store Bacolod - SM City Bacolod
The SM Store Bacolod.

So it’s not a problem after all. Your only setback here would be your flaky knees and back pains! hahaha

My Christmas Wishlist

Truly, there are a lot of good buys for the family at The SM Store Bacolod. Let the bargain hunting begin!

  • Hubby – Superman shirt
  • Shawna – Pearl necklace from Kultura and roller wheels
  • Shane – Unicorn shirt and roller wheels
  • Niece 1 – Unicorn craft set
  • Niece 2 (infant) – Unicorn stuffed toy with fleece blankie
  • Mama – Pink scarf
  • Papa – Leather belt
  • Nephew 1 – Neck pillow with speakers
  • Nephew 2 – Pants with suspenders
  • Nanay – Sleepwear terno
  • Tatay – Luggage Cover
  • Exchange gifts for the kids’ ballet class
  • Boy inaanak – Lunchbox and water bottle
  • Girl inaanaks – Cologne with teddy bear gift set
  • Staff (girl) – Dove gift set
  • Staff (boys) – Statement shirts with canisters
  • Techie friend (girl) – Unicorn gadget case
  • Sister-in-law – Portable coffee press
  • Brother-in-law -Electric table top water fountain
  • Kumare – Glass bottles for the kitchen
  • Kids’ BFF Jam – Headphones
  • My Manita (Christmas party) – Stylish gadget wires
  • Blogger friends – luggage tags

So as a mommy, I need to prioritize my Christmas wishlist. It’s the husband and children first. But see? My list if pretty complete and I didn’t go over my shopping budget. Hooray! You got one serious shopper here.

Christmas Giveaway Alert from #TheSMStoreBacolod

But do you know that The SM Store Bacolod will give you the chance to make your Christmas wishlist come true?

The basic requirement is: Shop a minimum P1,000 single-receipt purchase with your SMAC at The SM Store Bacolod and get a chance to win P10,000 in gift certificates! There’s your Christmas shopping budget, mommies! So here’s what you need to do:


  • 1. Create an album on your Facebook account with photos of actual items from The SM Store Bacolod. These are the things that you would like to give to your loved ones this Christmas.
  • 2. Caption each photo as creatively as you can (ex.: Matchy-matchy headbands for my twin nieces, P199 each).
  • 3. Total worth of items in one album should not be more than P10,000.
  • 4. Photo album should be titled #SMShareTheLoveThisChristmas. The album’s setting should be made Public.
  • 5. Album description must begin with “The season of love and giving is here, and so to my loved ones I give these gifts because…” and end with promo hashtags #SMGotItAllForYou #SMShareTheLoveThisChristmas
  • 6. Tag the SM City Bacolod Official Facebook page
  • 7. The most creative album with the best mix of items within the P10,000 budget, wins!
Christmas wishlist - Christmas gift ideas - Christmas - family - Bacolod blogger - Bacolod mommy blogger - shopping - The SM Store Bacolod - SM City Bacolod
#ShareTheLove this Christmas at The SM Store Bacolod.

Criteria for Judging:

  • Variety of Items – 30%
  • Quantity of Items – 30%
  • Creativity – 30%
  • No. of FB Reactions – 10%

Promo runs from December 1 to 15, 2018. Merry Christmas and good luck!

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25 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist for Family and Friends | The SM Store Bacolod Giveaway

  1. This giveaway at The SM Store is just so exciting! Would be happy to take part in it and get my Christmas wishlist solved.

  2. Love your list! I think making lists is so important to keep you organised! What a cool thing to take part in also! All the best with it!

  3. Those are some of the cool stuffs you’ve got it. I have seen very rare that store helps you in your wishlist. This is something else, wish many of the stores would have done what The SM Store did.

  4. Gosh you have a long list of gifts to get! I have a small family so it makes the job easier. Good luck on your Christmas shopping! 😀

  5. YAY..another great online SM Store promo contest…I sure did had fun going around the SM Store BACOLOD mall with my son- taking pictures to complete the criteria and mechanics. Thanks for the info mom! 🙂

  6. It’s nice to have this kind of promos during Christmas. It doubles the excitement for the holidays — especially if you win!

  7. Very well organized list. My christmas wishlist is also quite long. Good to know about the giveaway. Will definitely be going to take part in it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow that’s a long list of things to buy for Christmas! I used to do that, but recently I felt too lazy and just bought some red envelopes and will give it for them, hahaha.

  9. I need to set a holiday shopping budget and stick to it. I tend to get into the merry season and want to give give give but that way, my bank account gets set back pretty far hahaha

  10. This is a cool and timely giveaway!

    Indeed, SM makes Christmas shopping easy for anyone as they have everything for just about any person on your list. Love your list, by the way. Sometimes, it is tricky to thing of what to buy to whoever, but you seem to have that one down pat! 🙂

  11. Yay! Ang haba ng list mo mamsh, I feel you. 😅 Every Christmas may list din ako para walang makakaligtaan hehe. Mas okay din yung nakaorganized para mas madali mabudget.

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