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Learning Dance with Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance


Throughout 10 months of regular school, our eldest daughter Dindin goes to ballet class twice a week at the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance. It’s the oldest dance institution here in Bacolod City. As a homeschooled student, learning dance is already her Physical Education.

Street Jazz The District North point - learning dance
The kids’ final pose during their Street Jazz mini-recital at The District North Point.

Dindin enjoys her ballet class, especially that they can wear tutus and most of her outfits are in pink. She has built friendships in the class and is looking forward to each session. And most of all, she loves her teacher Gianne Sanchez Sanson. She is perhaps one of the most patient and joyful persons I know. Learning dance has been so much fun for Dindin.

Street Jazz
Teacher Gianne coaches the kids on the next step of their routine.

Aside from the physical exercise that Dindin gets from her ballet class, we believe that she has grown as an individual there because the school exercises “gentle discipline”.

Yes, the teachers are strict when it comes to dance–the execution, the posture, and all those stuff, but they deal with their students with kindness that the kids just adore the teachers.

My daughter can talk and ask questions quite a lot, but her teacher is very patient in dealing with her, noticing her, talking to her while maintaining eye contact, but also gently stopping her when Dindin gets a bit too much. I just wish I can do the same with her at all times at home. hehe

Summer Jazz Lessons

This summer, Dindin skipped ballet again. Instead, Teacher Gianne invited her to join the Street Jazz Dance Workshop held at The District North Point in Talisay.

It was just a two-week, daily stint at the mall yet Dindin excitedly reported for class each day. And after eight days, we were very surprised that she has mastered the steps along with her classmates. And she is the youngest student there. So proud of her!

Street Jazz performance
Dindin giving her all during their performance for the Street Jazz mini-recital at The District North Point. Kudos to this Ayala Mall for worthwhile summer activities for the kids such as this.

Anyway, why do we let Dindin keep learning dance? Well, here are some benefits.

Benefits of Dance for Kids

1. Physical benefits. Obviously, dance gets you moving so you get exercise. But if you are in a dance class, you also learn discipline, proper posture, balance, and flexibility. It’s a great and fun way to maintain a healthy weight, especially that kids nowadays are prone to just use gadgets instead of indulging in physical play.

dance warm up exercise
Before each dance session, the students undergo warm up exercises to prevent injury.

2. Psychological benefits. Music and movement with friends will help in the growth of well-balanced adults who are not prone to depression and anxiety.

dance awards
At the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance, the students all get medals for completing the course, whether its for the whole year, the summer, or just this short workshop.

3. Social benefits. You meet and gain friends in a dance class and there is a special bond created among them, especially when you get to master dance steps together and you get to move as one body. I have seen this in Dindin–she instantly made friends among her classmates, even those who are much older than her.

Street Jazz class
This class has kids of different ages and yet they still play together and enjoy each other’s company.

4. Makes you happy. Let’s admit, dance is fun. After an hour of dancing to happy tunes, your mood will certainly lift up.

5. Teaches team play. Dancing is a great physical activity that foster team playing, especially among those kids who are not really very athletic and who are not inclined to join sports. In dance,  you have to learn to work together, otherwise the entire choreography wouldn’t work.

6. Builds self-esteem. Dancing on stage in full make up and costume, getting applause and appreciation, as well as the support of the family will really build a child’s self-esteem.

dance recital
And always, Dindin gets the full support of the family in all her endeavors.

6. Broadens career possibilities. Some parents would not invest in dance for their kids because they think that economically, there is no return of investment. But dancing might open career possibilities for the child that would not be otherwise considered in regular school, such as becoming a dance teacher or a movement therapist. And since dance schools hold big productions at the end of the school year, the kids will see different people at work–producers, publicists, costume designers, make up artists, lighting designers, and many more careers related to the performing arts.

Finding the Best Dance School

But of course, it is also very important to find a school that not only teaches dance but also provides a holistic learning environment. They should also protect the children as they grow.

Parents have to find a reputable dance school with teachers who are known in the community where you live. It must be a school with an environment so safe that you can leave your child there while learning dance. Yet, you are secure that nobody will hurt them there.

Dindin has been enjoying her dance school so much that in the future, she will also pursue jazz apart from ballet. We are glad that we found the perfect dance school for her. We know that it is also a product of prayer that we were led to Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance.

Contact Information

Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance
17th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. (034) 434 8139
Now on its 45th year

Update: Shane is also learning classical ballet at Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance. She started with storybook ballet a couple of summers ago.


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