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Household Chores: Watering the Plants

Dindin is watering the plants.

One of the chores that I enjoyed doing when I was young was to water the plants–whether using a water hose or a pail with dipper. The latter though is quite tedious because that means we have to pump water from a manual water pump, fill up the pail, and then take it wherever we need it. When it comes to fruit trees, it usually takes a pail per tree so that would take a lot of trips.

Although we have the water hose, it is connected to the electric water pump and every time the motor turns, it means expense. But with the water pump, all we need to do is exert some effort and spend more time. But that’s fine, it’s part of the fun and you also get to exercise.

I wanted Dindin to experience that and one fine afternoon here at my parents’ place, I let her water the plants. I taught her how much water to put in each pot. I would carry the pail to her and then she would pour water on the plants. She should be thankful, where there is concrete flooring now, there used to be plants there when I was a little girl! LOL

She enjoyed it at first but got squeamish when her feet got wet. LOL But at least she got to try it. We will do it again later. 😀

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1 thought on “Household Chores: Watering the Plants

  1. Masayang gawain ang pag didilig ito favorite gawain ko feeling ko pang tanggal stress ko ito pag nakaka kita ako ng mga plants

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