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Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt for Cooking and Eating


Do you have health problems that are worsened because of sodium? One of them is hypertension. You will be happy to know that there is a healthier alternative for you so that you won’t have to keep eating bland dishes just to keep your blood pressure down. Get to know about the health benefits of pink Himalayan salt, both for eating and cooking.

The Bane of Hypertension

Last time, I wrote about the health benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom. To this day, we still have it in our bedroom, the kids’ bedroom, and also in the living room. I have placed the last one on the side of the living room that is nearest the hallway, where there is no cross breeze to improve the air quality in the area.

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But now, I am going to discuss the health benefits of pink Himalayan salt for consumption.

Despite having low blood pressure my whole life, experiencing only elevated levels during labor and childbirth, I developed high blood pressure in May last year. It’s probably part of my peri-menopausal stage but my doctor would not take risks.

Aside from prescription meds, she recommended lifestyle changes, like watching my food intake and increasing physical activity. And this is where the health benefits of pink Himalayan salt come in.

As many of us know, salt is a poison to those with hypertension. Too much salt in one’s diet elevates blood pressure and vice versa.

The Many Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Hubby and I love our food adventures and I appreciate flavorful food. It seems that if you let me eat bland food, I would feel sick–even if I am not.

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My best bet is to use the pink Himalayan salt to season my dishes and also to add flavor to salads and other things I eat. Here are its health benefits.

Controls high blood pressure

Himalayan salt controls blood pressure levels, as it has lower sodium content than table salt. Regular salt contains 2,325 mg of sodium per teaspoon.

Body fluid control

As opposed to table salt, pink Himalayan salt does not dehydrate. In fact, it aids with hydration as it helps maintain fluid balance and blood pressure in the body.

More flavorful

The pink Himalayan salt adds more flavor so a little pinch can go a long way when it comes to taste. That way, you consume.

Contains minerals

Pink Himalayan salt contains trace amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

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In Conclusion

The health benefits of pink Himalayan salt far outweigh the use of table salt. The only turn-off is its price, as it is more expensive than regular table salt. And as with anything, moderation is still key. Just because pink salt contains less sodium doesn’t mean that we can just consume it excessively. This helps bring down blood pressure levels, however, a holistic healthy lifestyle should still be maintained.

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4 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt for Cooking and Eating

  1. Now I know that pink himalayan salt is more beneficial that table salt.Thank you for sharing this mommy Sig,it worth the price.

  2. Must try this Himalayan Salt, daming health benefits pala na makukuha dito. Thanks for sharing po sa napaka informative na blog na to mommy sig

  3. Gusto ko matry itong pink Himalayan salt..mas maganda sya gamitin pala compare mo sa nakasanayan natin na table salt,namemaintain Neto ang fluid sa ating katawan at blood pressure galing naman .. thank you for sharing this Mommy

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