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DIY Baby’s First Year Picture Frame for Monthly Memories


Putting Together Baby’s First Year Picture Frame

I am a mom who is a sucker for photos. I used to like taking photos when I was younger. That is a hobby that I never really took seriously. But now that I have my own two lovely daughters, my lens is always on them, literally and figuratively. haha We even have an annual summer pictorial! That is why, it is no wonder that I have baby’s first year picture frame for each of them!

baby's first year picture frame - bedroom wall decor
Have your own personalized baby’s first year picture frame!

Eight Years Ago

Dindin was rather sickly as a baby and as a toddler. Thankfully, her health has greatly improved now that she is older.

Anyway, eight years ago, when she has already recovered from her illness and was back to her healthy, energetic self again, I got to work on baby’s first year picture frame for Din. This is one of our happy family traditions that I was able to keep up with the second one.

Baby’s First Year Picture Frame

Back then, Facebook wasn’t the norm. But I already took photos every month, when Dindin would reach a monthly milestone. I would prepare a new outfit for her so that she will have something different to wear each time. I also have matching hair accessories for her.

Din’s first year picture frame included scrapbooking embellishments.

My idea for a baby’s first year photo frame is to make it fit in a standard 8R print, which is 8″ x 10″. That way, I can just easily buy a picture frame for it. I did this design on Adobe Photoshop. After the layout is done, I sent it for printing at SKT Digital and paid only P50 for it. So cheap, huh?

Scrapbook Style

After I got the print from SKT Digital, I added some more designs on baby’s first year picture frame. I had some scrapbooking materials and so I added stickers, borders, and even gems. Dindin especially like the yellow glittery butterfly!

So if you want to make your baby’s first picture frame, you can complete the design on Photoshop, or you can make it bare so you can embellish it using cute scrapbooking materials.

Shane’s First Year Picture Frame

So about four years later, I did the same for Shane. I also made her a baby’s picture frame. Shane has more photos from the operating room in the hospital when I gave birth to her, so I was able to include these, too.

baby's first year picture frame - bedroom wall decor
Shane’s first year frame.

With each child, I try to match what we have given them in the interest of fairness. Whether it’s for their educational fund, their birthday parties, toys, and clothes, we try to match up.

Store Bought Frames

I know, there are ready made picture frames at your local stores. It’s just that, I can’t personalize the contents. Usually, it’s just 12 holes for the baby’s 12 months. But I wanted to include many other things so I made my own design. That way, baby’s first year picture frame is customized for the things that I want to put in.

If you want a personalized baby’s picture frame and you don’t know how to use Photoshop, ask a graphic artist to do it for you. There are many young people who can do it in a breeze, because many young ones are adept at using this computer software.

Wall Mounted or Desk Decor

After you have chosen the frame to put the print in, you can now use baby’s first year picture frame as a wall mounted decor. Our frames are simple but are colored pink, because they are girls and both loved pink.

Or you can prop it up on a desk. Our are installed on the wall in their bedroom, mounted by 3M double sided tape.

baby's first year picture frame - bedroom wall decor
Our baby’s first year picture frames are mounted on the wall in their bedroom, along with some of our framed family pictures. Sorry for the shadows in

Elements of Baby’s First Picture Frame

So here the elements of our baby’s first picture frame.


13 thoughts on “DIY Baby’s First Year Picture Frame for Monthly Memories

  1. Oh how cute! I should try to do this with my grandchildren’s photos! I have lots of them saved on my phone and on my computer. This baby’s first year picture frame is quite a keepsake! <3

  2. What a cool (and surprisingly easy) idea to have a baby’s first year picture frame. The picture frames look great on your wall!

  3. This is an awesome way to keep precious pictures of their first year. With my kids I did monthly pictures and I have a frame with 13 openings for newborn to 12 months. I love capturing every milestone and event for my kids.

  4. That baby’s first picture frame is so cute and I love the idea of collecting your baby’s picture and put in one frame, thanks for sharing this great idea.

  5. What a fun and a great idea to capture baby’s first year in one frame. This is so perfect since I am planning to have one too. I think I have to do it myself to be able to include the elements I want. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Aw I am definitely a sucker for taking photos as well as I love being able to capture memories and cement them in time. Also I love the sound of the picture frame to celebrate a baby’s first year too!

  7. Ahw! So pretty! What I did was a scrapbook for Dirk’s milestones. Until now na 7 na sya, intact pading yung scrapbook! ?. I will let my younger sister read this post as she is planning to create one for her newborn, monthly pictures in a big Blue frame. โค

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