Chosen™ Campaign by World Vision Empowers Kids for their Future


Many Filipino children, especially from impoverished communities, lack their support in order to build a better future. But we have the power to change that. Support the Chosen™ Campaign by World Vision Philippines and help empower a child to change his or her future.

What is Chosen™ Campaign?

World Vision, an international Christian NGO, has been instrumental in changing children’s lives. And it’s not just the Filipino children but also their communities and they have been doing so for more than 60 years already.

Through holistic programs, innovative and child-focused campaigns, and strategic partnerships, thousands of children receive life-changing opportunities. They are given the chance to live their lives to the full, most especially as the world goes through a health crisis.

Last year, the Chosen™ campaign was launched in various World Vision offices around the world. Though the pandemic has affected the launch last January 2020, World Vision in the Philippines was still able to have 263 children sponsored.

Through World Vision’s Chosen™ campaign, children are empowered to contribute towards changing their future by giving them choices in their sponsors. This new and effective way of child sponsorship is also transforming the lives of the sponsors and supporters.

Nikki Gil supports Chosen™ Campaign Relaunch

Though the pandemic has tremendously impacted individuals, corporations, and the government, World Vision stays committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable Filipino children are supported. They want to see them healthy, educated, safe, and protected.

This year, World Vision relaunches the Chosen™ campaign with celebrity mom Nikki Gil. The organization is hopeful that through this partnership, more individuals with hearts for children will know about the campaign and be willing to sign up.

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~ Celebrity mom Nikki Gil for the Chosen™ Campaign. ~

“The fact that I got to where I am today is a series of moments of being chosen first and foremost by God. I think that’s such a beautiful display of how powerful God’s love is for us. There are times in our lives where you are in a situation where you have limited choices in life. For you to be given this to choose who will journey with you to a brighter future, that’s such a big deal.” This was shared by Ms. Nikki Gil.

What is It About?

Protecting the most vulnerable children from the coronavirus is World Vision’s priority today. With the support of local partners, preventive health measures have always been a vital part of its child sponsorship programs.

“When you sign up to be #Chosen, you are empowering kids to take the first step in changing their future. Together with thousands of individual and organizational partners, World Vision welcomes you to this ministry that looks after the welfare of the most vulnerable children. Thank you for being a channel of God’s blessing today”, said World Vision National Director Rommel Fuerte.

To know how you can change a child’s life by signing up to be Chosen™, you may visit

To know more about World Vision and its other initiatives, you may visit or follow World Vision’s official social media pages /worldvisionph on Facebook, @worldvisionphl on Instagram, and @worldvisionph on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Chosen™ Campaign by World Vision Empowers Kids for their Future

    1. Very nice campaign. Through World Vision’s Chosen™ campaign, children are empowered to contribute towards changing their future by giving them choices in their sponsors.

  1. Since highschool, nandiyan na talaga ang World Vision, mostly my schoolmates are beneficiaries nito through sponsorship. Marami naring natulungang mga kabataan ang organization na ito and thankful to know that they are continuously extending their advocacy to millions of children around the world.

  2. Wow Napakagandang Campaign naman po nito napakahelpful sa mga kids natin..And thanks to miss nikki for supporting this campaign

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