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Ceelin Plus: Keep Your Kids Protected


Ceelin Plus: Vitamin C plus Zinc keeps kids’ immunity strong, especially during the rainy season. To avoid common ailments, give your kids Ceelin Plus.

Ceelin Plus: Vitamin C plus Zinc for kids

Ceelin Plus
Our little girl proudly shows her little cup of Ceelin before drinking it. I usually give supplements to our kids after they take a bath in the morning.

As a mom, I am always concerned about my kids’ health. If I can let them stay inside a bubble so that they will be protected from germs and other disease-causing chemicals, I would do so.

It’s just that I want to avoid all the needless worry and anxiety when kids are sick. My fellow moms would know the feeling.

But we know that we can’t do that. That’s not realistic. Aside from prayers, the next best thing is to get their immunity up so that their bodies can fight off illnesses.

Ceelin Plus TVC

Watch the new Ceelin Plus TV commercial above. I have a vivid imagination and I have imagined scenes like these in the past.

It’s where I picture out that my kids are going into a swarm of germs, even if it’s just a birthday party or hanging out in the mall. Paranoid much? haha

But thankfully, we have supplements like Ceelin that provide our children with superior protection from sickness so that they don’t get sick sick that often.

Ceelin Plus
Our 7-year-old pops a tab of Ceelin Plus Chewables.

Dindin also takes a daily dose of malunggay capsules for more fiber and better immunity. Plus, I am armed with Young Living essential oils for sore throat and cough. The Himalayan salt lamp in their bedroom is always on as well.

What’s In It?

Ceelin Plus contains Vitamin C and the mineral Zinc. In 1 teaspoon or chewtab of Ceelin Plus, it contains Vitamin C and Zinc that’s the equivalent to 10 glasses of milk or 59 pieces of biscuits. Obviously, these foods could not be consumed by kids in a single day. So they need to supplement their diet.

Ceelin Plus
Siobe takes her Ceelin

That is total protection for kids from common ailments. Plus, these nutrients help in the fast recovery of the body during an illness, so your child is sick for only a short period of time.


Here are the flavor variants and sizes of Ceelin Plus:

Drops 15ml (P82.00)
Drops 30ml (P114.00)
Syrup 60ml (P78.00)
Syrup 120ml (P140.00)
Syrup 250ml (P237.00)
Chewables 100s (P450.00)
Flavors: Apple (drops and syrup), Orange (chewables)

Ascorbic acid with zinc - kids - immunity-health - common colds
Ceelin Plus products

PediaTech by Unilab

#Ceelin Plus is created using PediaTech, which provides Ceelin Plus with the most stable Vitamin C and Zinc combination. It’s available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. You can trust the brand because it is made by Unilab.

Ascorbic acid with zinc - kids - immunity-health - common colds
If in case the kids get sick, their bodies recover easily so their situation doesn’t become worse. That’s one of the things that Vitamin C does for the body.

So for #ProteksyongPlus, choose Ceelin Plus for your kids. Keep them protected whether at home, in school, or just hanging out with friends.

It’s better safe than sorry. I would rather prevent sickness than bring in the cure. It’s more stressful plus the cost of medicines, consultations, and lab tests can really bend our family budget.

Stay protected! 🙂


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