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Health Optimization: Strategies That Promote Well-Being

Health Optimization For Beginners: Strategies That Promote Well-Being If health optimization is one of your goals for 2018, you do not have time to procrastinate, mommies. We are almost at the end of the year. Rather, you need to start making life changes immediately to achieve overall wellness. Attain a high level of well-being that makes… Read More Health Optimization: Strategies That Promote Well-Being


Expo Mom 2018: #Mompowerment Campaign

Expo Mom 2018: Mommy Mundo Inspires Moms with #Mompowerment Campaign Mommy Mundo, the pioneering multi-platform community for Filipino moms brings Expo Mom 2018 to Negros Occidental! After advocating healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, active parenting, and mompreneurship since 2003, Mommy Mundo launches 2018 with #Mompowerment. This new campaign aims to empower moms in whatever stage they are now in… Read More Expo Mom 2018: #Mompowerment Campaign