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Caring for Our Children’s Mental Health in this Pandemic


Our children’s mental health is a very crucial matter nowadays. They are growing up in a world with physical distancing, people wearing masks, and loving from a distance. When we started our families, none of us ever thought that we will be raising our children in this kind of world. But it is where it is and we can only do so much to help our children cope with the current pandemic and beyond.

Checking Our Children’s Mental Health

We have been constantly talking about mental health ever since the community lockdowns happened due to the pandemic.

One sector of the society that has been hit the hardest is our children–the young people. Our children have been the busiest before Covid-19 happened. They go to school every day, play with friends, have activities left and right, go to parties, and have family outings every weekend.

Then suddenly, everything was suspended until further notice. Children who attended traditional schools were forced to take online classes or shift to modular lessons.

At first, everyone enjoyed the rest. But as the weeks turned to months and we are now entering the second year, people are getting bored and listless. And what is becoming of our children with all those pent-up energies they have? Your child might need more support at this time.

How to Check on Your Child’s Mental Health

Our family had been homeschooling for 7 years now, so the impact of the stopping of classes didn’t affect us. Our children are used to staying at home and doing their lessons in their bedroom. The use of PACEs under the School of Tomorrow continues.

~ Our children are used to having each other as classmates and frenemies. But we used to go out with friends. Now, they are with each other all day long. ~

However, my children do miss their playdates with friends as well as their activities back then, like their ballet classes and art workshops. Plus, what they really miss are our family vacations. We used to travel a lot as a family before the pandemic.

Here are some ways we can check and gauge our children’s mental health.

Talk to Them

Since we are home most of the time anyway, allot a few minutes each day or even every few days and sit down with your kids. Talking could also be done during mealtimes, when everyone is seated comfortably around the table.

Ask leading questions about the pandemic and genuinely listen to what your children have to say. You may not have all the answers but talking things out reinforces your relationship and builds their confidence in you.

Let Them Write in Journals

Give your children nice notebooks and encourage them to write their thoughts. If you have boys, you might get one-liners, but who knows, they might discover their talent in writing.

Get Them to Draw their Emotions

Another good way to get your children to communicate their feelings is to let them draw their emotions. Check out what my goddaughter Gianna Villarosa drew last year. Pretty much sums up how she feels right?

~ Artwork by Gianna Villarosa. ~

Making Sure to Keep the Kids Well at Home

It is without a doubt that we take care of our children and we try to keep them healthy by feeding them nutritious foods. And if you are like me, you also probably find ways and means to get them to move in order to be physically active.

Keep communication lines open.

Connect with you children in all ages. Their communication levels differ so you may have to talk do different children at different times.

Try to keep them involved in housework.

Engage the kids in housework and make it a family activity rather than as a chore. They will enjoy the experience, learn practical skills, and you also get the home tidy. Plus, in a few years, this training will also lighten your household chores.

Limit their use of gadgets.

The pandemic and lack of outdoor activities are not reasons for you and your kids to just stay glued to your gadgets. It’s not healthy for their eyes and minds plus the use of gadgets replace human interaction. The games and social media make us more interested on the screen than what’s going on with the little person beside us.

Don’t give in to everything they ask for.

Just because you feel bad that they can’t go out to see friends doesn’t mean that you give in to everything that you child asks for. Of course, there are leeways but I hope that we will have the discernment to determine whether they are already using the situation to manipulate us.

Allow flexibility in learning.

Sometimes, school lessons can be boring or too much. You can take breaks or complete lessons using another method.

Teach them new skills.

It doesn’t matter what. You could be the teacher or you can both be students. But learning a new skill is very therapeutic plus it adds to your personal arsenal.

Put a limit to their school work so that they will not be overwhelmed.

I have read of parents complaining about how much schoolwork their children are trying to complete in the new normal. But there is no use overwhelming the kids that they are not doing anything else throughout the day. Set a limit and make sure that they get enough rest. Sleep is very important.

Pray together.

As family, have a prayer time with your kids. Allow them to pray their own prayers–it is also one way for you to determine how they are. We usually do ours at night, before bedtime, so that they can thank the Lord for His blessings and grace throughout the day.

Have fun.

I don’t know what your idea of fun is. You can take a road trip or sing karaoke. Say silly jokes and laugh. Do them safely at home. Even when you are vaccinated, we are still not sure that we won’t get sick, so let’s still be careful. The sooner that we can accept that this is already our new normal, the better for us to cope and change our ways.

~ Probably one of the easiest things we can do for our kids is to put up an inflatable pool and get them to enjoy splashing in the water. Helps to cool them, too. In order to save on water, use their bath water to water the plants in your garden. ~

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17 thoughts on “Caring for Our Children’s Mental Health in this Pandemic

  1. Mula nung nagkaron nang pandemic marami nagbago esp sa mga bata.. Very big difference lalo na sa schooling.. the New normal is a struggle talaga.. Kahit mga bata damang dama din nila ang hirap nang sitwasyon at new normal dahil sa home schooling.. Kaya kahit sila they experience mental health problems like depression .. Kaya need talaga naten bigyan nang attention, quality time and bonding ang ating kids through diff kind of activities.

  2. To be honest super nanibago ang mga kids dahil sa pandemic. Di na sila nakakakapaglaro sa labas, di na sila nakakapasok sa school (face to face), di na sila nakakapasyal. Ang laki ng nagbago especially when it comes sa socializing. Kaya sobrang importante na bigyan natin sila ng time & attention lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Malaking tulong sakanila na makikinig tayo sakanila, mag-isip ng alternative activities na pwedeng gawin sa bahay para makapag-enjoy sila.

  3. This is very important, nowadays daming strange feeling ang ating dinaranas during this time of pandemic , thanks for sharing this

  4. Maraming naidulot sa mga bata ngayon ang pandemic lalo na kanilang mental health. Malaking pagbabago ang kanilang tinatahak ngayon kesa sa nakasanayan na nila. Salamat po sa mga tips😊 mahalagang healthy ang mental at physical nila😊

  5. Kahit mga bata nakakaramdam din nang mental Health depression and anxiety.. Sa new normal na sitwasyon naten ngayon, lalo na sa schooling nila nastress din sila. The big differences from normal to new normal.. Kaya we need to check them out, talk them always and quality time must be and bonding as a one big happy Family..

  6. Kahit mga bata nakakaramdam din nang mental Health depression and anxiety.. lalo na sa schooling nila nastress din sila. The big differences from normal to new normal.. Kaya we need to check them out, talk them always and quality time must be and bonding as a one big happy Family..

  7. Ang Laki po talaga ng epekto ng covid sa mga anak natin..Buti nalang po mga kids ko nasa province kay mama atleast mas malaya nilang nagagawa yung paglalalro dun kesa dito sa manila.Mas malaki kasi ung bakuran dun.How I wish lahat kami andun kaso need magwork dito sa manila to support them

  8. Thank you for sharing this to us Mommy. Ang hirap po tlaga ng sitwasyon natin. Mas affected Ang mga bata. But my kids at home nag eenjoy naman na po silaa since tatlo silang anak ko. Puro laro laro lng. Nood tv, minsan Pag nagluluto ako miryenda tumutulong sila. Kanya kanyang toka SA gawaing Bahay. Yes po. Ung 10years old ko marunong n mg saing hugas pinggan at refill ng mga water sa tumbler na ilagay s ref. While my 6years old second born taga walis at tagapunas ng mesa. Minsan taga ligpit ng mga unan. Si 1year old ko nmn pong. bunso taga aliw samin. At taga kulit. Haha.

  9. My thoughts about home schooling and modular lessons is malaking adjustments to my kids.I have grade 11 and Grade 10 students,while my 5 yr old son is hindi ko pa eninroll ako na lng mu a ang nagtuturo basics alphabet and numbers.
    Since one year na ganitong set up ang schooling nila,nakikita ko g nakakapag’adjust na rin sila with this new normal.Although they missed face to face classes and hanging out with their friends and classmates but they do undestand nman the situation we are facing right now.
    I asked them if mahirap ba ang ganitong set up,my Grade 11 is always comaining about natatambakan daw sila ng module.Hindi ko an sya pini’pressure na sagutan lahat,kung ano lng matapos at mkayanan nya un lang ipasa nya.I let them pause or sto what they doing and make free time pra hindi sila mabored.Thank you for sharing this mommy Sig,I’ve learned alot from it.

  10. ganda neto for kids tlaga. Perfect ngayong pandemic tlaga para avoid din sila sa mental health depression.

  11. We need to check up always and care our children too. Dahil kahit sila pala nkakaranas din nang. Mental health.

  12. Another set of Lockdown na naman. Mas Lalong mas alagaan natin ang Mental health ng mga anak natin.. Kahit ako di ko na din alam kung paano na. Pero Laban lang kaya natin to

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