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CACAI Detangler Hair Brush Really Works


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Bought our Cacai Detangler Hair Brush at HairFood Co., SM City Bacolod.

Are you constantly stressing when combing your fine, long, tangled hair? Is a big, wide-toothed comb your best friend? In my daughter’s case, it’s a constant struggle, as in several times a day, whenever we needed to comb her hair. But at last, we found the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush and we have been so much happier.

Cacai Detangler Brush - HairFood Co.
My daughter Dindin testing the Cacai Detangler Brush at the HairFood Co. stall at SM City Bacolod.

Constant Hair Struggle

Combing Din’s fine, long, and straight hair in the morning after she wakes up is such a struggle. She tosses and turns a lot at night and her hair is like a bird’s nest the following day. Sometimes, I use the services of a big comb combined with my fingers to loosen the knots.

Cacai Detangler Hair Brush - HairFood Co.
Dindin’s hair the next morning without brushing. She just brushed her hair the night before with the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush and the next day, it wasn’t as tangled as it normally was.

We have to comb before going to the batch otherwise, making hair wet would make it harder to comb. And yeah, wet hair is also hard to manage, so we let her hair air-dry first before combing.

Hair Care

As part of taking care of Din’s long hair, which she’s had for maybe five years now, I have to carefully comb it. We don’t pull so hard because I know that would make hair brittle and break at the ends. Her hair extends to her waist, so it becomes harder to keep it healthy as the months go by.

As part of our every day routine, we use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I also occasionally apply HairFood Co. sunflower oil and let it stay overnight. Sometimes, I apply HairFood Co. Tsubaki oil during the day, after shampoo. I also trim her hair regularly, like at least once a month.

Her hair would be soft and shiny with treatments, but when it gets tangled, it’s a real challenge to untangle.

The Beauty of Cacai 

We learned about the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush from the Facebook post HairFood Co. I was interested and we went to their branch at SM City Bacolod two days later, bringing Dindin with me.

Cacai Detangler Hair Brust - HairFood Co.
The Cacai Detangler Hair Brush is available at all HairFood Co. branches nearest you.

So the complete name is Cacai Freedom Hair Brush On-the-Go-Detangler by HairFood Co. But it’s much too long so I am calling it Cacai Detangler Hair Brush just for my blog post. hehe Anyway, we went to the mall with such high expectations and we were not disappointed.

I think that this is the answer to healthy hair.

Expectations Met

Thankfully, there were a couple of sample brushes that you can try. I checked it and since it’s new, it was still relatively clean. Upon checking, I was confident to let Dindin try it. My goodness, the brush just glided through her hair! Even Dindin got all giggly in excitement and asked me to buy it.

Cacai Detangler Hair Brush - HairFood Co.
Trying out the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush at HairFood Co. at SM City Bacolod.

The brush has so many small, individual bristles made of plastic, I think, but maybe there’s a special coating or something because it causes minimal friction on the hair. That is probably the reason why it just “glides”.

Watch us use the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush on Din’s tangled, wet hair:

Cacai Detangler Hair Brush Price

When I told our Papa that we will be buying a new hair brush for Dindin and that we needed P500, he asked, “P500 for a hair brush?” Well, it would surprise you that the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush costs more than P500. We just got it at 10% off for their introductory offer so we paid P495 for it, I think.

While this may be more expensive than your average hair brush, think of this as a premier kind of hair brush and an investment that you will no longer struggle with the tangles in your hair.

I remember when I was in university, I bought my first Denman brush. That was already P350 or P390 back then. And that was already around 25 years ago! And still I bought it. But well, of course, that was Denman and it lasted me really long.

The Disadvantage

One disadvantage that I have observed with the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush by HairFood Co. is that it’s plastic backing and handle looks and feels like it can be easily broken when dropped. A rubber handle would have been nice, considering that I have two young children and they are the ones using this brush more often.

Cacai Detangler Hair Brush - HairFood Co.
Dindin brushes her own hair using the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush by HairFood Co.

I am kinda worried that if they drop it, it will easily break and I will have to shell out another P500 to buy a new one.

Mommy Sigrid Says: Cacai Detangler Hair Brush

I can only speak for long, straight, fine hair because our experience is only limited to my daughter’s use of the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush. If you have curly hair, try sampling the product first before buying. We did that and we did not regret it. We are very happy with our purchase.

Here in Bacolod, find the Cacai Detangler Hair Brush at HairFood Co. Located at the 2nd floor of SM City Bacolod north wing, just outside the SM Store entrance.
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  2. Want to try it too. I have long hair din po and struggle is real talaga sa pagsusuklay at dimo talaga maiiwasang magkaroon ng buhol buhol na buhok. I think I really need this one.

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