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BDO Remit and WorldRemit Give Dream Businesses to OFW Families


Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs, leave their families behind in search of greener pastures in other countries. The bigger salary and benefits in other countries allow them to send money back to support their families. BDO Remit and WorldRemit recognize the heroism, passion, and sacrifices of these Filipinos abroad so they thought of giving dream businesses to OFW families. Read more.

The Dream Business Giveaway from BDO Remit and WorldRemit

The “Remit-2-win” promotion by BDO and WorldRemit saw two lucky winners receive Php250,000 worth of rice retail business franchise.

Ecstatic Winners

Rosalyn Mendiola, a 20-year-old OFW in Canada, couldn’t believe that a simple act of kindness went a long way to help improve her aunt’s life. After sending funds through WorldRemit to her aunt’s BDO Kabayan Savings account, Rosalyn was selected as a lucky winner of a rice retail business franchise from Grainsmart.    

“I was really overwhelmed. I have been sending money via WorldRemit for a long time. When I learned that I can transfer directly to a BDO Kabayan Savings, I sent the remittance straight away to my Tita. She was able to quickly and conveniently access the money,” shared Rosalyn.

Rosalyn’s Tita Edith, who received the remittance and was selected as the first winner of the pangkabuhayan package said: “I feel very happy that I won the rice retail business. It is what my sister and I have been dreaming to have for a long time. We are so grateful to BDO Remit and WorldRemit, and also Grainsmart because this is a big help for us, especially during these tough times.”

Joshebern “Joshie” Bonnevie was equally amazed by being selected as the second winner of the pangkabuhayan package.

“I cannot express my happiness. I used to organize events but due to pandemic lockdowns, I lost my only source of income. The pangkabuhayan package given by BDO Remit and WorldRemit will definitely help me and my family [to recover],” shared Joshie.

Benefits of BDO Kabayan Savings

Genie T. Gloria, senior vice president and head of BDO Remit, described BDO Kabayan Savings as the key to many opportunities for both the OFWs and the beneficiaries. One of the best benefit is access to BDO Unibank’s various products and services.

“BDO Kabayan Savings can help OFWs build a good credit history that will enable them to apply for a car loan, home loan, or a business loan in the Philippines,” she said.

In terms of access to remittance or cash withdrawals, BDO has a solution called Cash Agad to help communities in the provinces and far-off islands without banks or ATMS. BDO has partnered with over 10,000 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) like sari-sari stores and hardware stores to be its Cash Agad partner agents.

All partner stores have point-of-sale (POS) machines where BDO Kabayan Savings accountholders can withdraw remittances using their BDO Kabayan ATM cards. In addition, owners of other locally-issued ATM cards can also withdraw cash from any Cash Agad partner agents.   

With Cash Agad, traveling to a far-off town is no longer necessary to withdraw money. At the same time, it will encourage BDO Kabayan Savings account holders to withdraw only the amount they need, enabling them to save and grow their savings.

Opportunities Amid the Challenging Times

Even with the challenges of the pandemic, WorldRemit is helping OFWs stay connected and support friends and loved ones back home.

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~ A BDO Remit branch in Japan. ~

“Through our partnership with BDO Remit and Grainsmart, we are able to help OFWs and their beneficiaries on the journey towards an improved quality of life brought by financial stability,” said Earl Melivo, WorldRemit country director.

WorldRemit has been a partner of BDO Remit since 2014.

Business Training Included for Promo Winners

Grainsmart is the country’s largest rice retailer and franchisor with around 1,000 branches nationwide. The Pangkabuhayan Package comes with additional perks from Grainsmart.

“Product and marketing training is part of the support that we provide to the winners. We’ll provide guidance to them to ensure they are able to manage business operations, and ensure growth and sustainability in their business,” noted Benjamin Batac, founder and CEO of Grainsmart.

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  1. Wow congrats kababayan. Thank you BDO sa bigay ninyo pang kabuhayan. Na paka Buti ninyo God bless Po. We find ways talaga sa inyo BDO..

  2. Congratulations sa dalawang OFW na nabigyan ng opportunity ng BDO na magkaron ng Business. No need na mag abroad. Stay for good na sila Dito Kasama ang kanilang family.

  3. BDO always find ways to give back and help our fellow kababayans talaga. This is such a great help and opportunity to OFW families especially in this time of pandemic. Congratulations to the two winners of rice retail business franchise and thank you BDO 💙

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