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Balik Yuhum! Elevate Your Masskara Experience with Home Credit


Literally meaning “Smile Again,” Balik Yuhum is this year’s catchphrase for the 43rd MassKara Festival. After a two-year hiatus, everyone is excited and participating in whatever activities or events they can. Home Credit wants to support the Balik Yuhum movement in Bacolod City with their offer. Read more.

Balik Yuhum: Smiles in Times of Adversity

The Philippines is known to be a happy country, with Filipinos saying that they are quite happy with life. Everywhere you go, you see people break into their warm smiles despite the hidden storms they need to weather. Jeepney drivers, security guards, peddlers, and your Pinoy folks are simply a ray of sunshine. But that’s not the country’s only pride. The Filipino culture is a mix of rich, vibrant, and spirited history and traditions, having a total of 42,000 festivals including both major and minor events that the locals so wholeheartedly celebrate.

One of its famous and world-class festivities is the Masskara Festival originating all the way from Bacolod City–known as the“City of Smiles”. Having been put on a halt for two years given the global pandemic, the province is more than ready to host its vivacious month-long celebration.

Home Credit, as the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, wants festival-goers, locals, and foreigners alike to capture a picture-perfect image of the festivity and make the most out of this year’s Masskara Festival through its wide product offerings for photography and videography.

Record the Masskara Streetdance and Float Parade Hands-free

Fear of missing out on capturing the street dance and float parade, which are the Masskara Festival’s main events? Never miss a good moment by setting up your smartphone or digital camera with a durable tripod to get steady shots with smooth pans and tilts.

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~ Enjoy the MassKara Festival highlights hands-free with a new tripod. ~

Going hands-free with a tripod, you are now able to fully enjoy the unfolding event in front of you and admire the skillfully crafted colorful gigantic masks by the Bacolodnons or the energetic dances of the youth in the streets.

Take Selfies at the Breathtaking Tourist Spots of Bacolod

If you’re a traveler as much as a festival-goer, you would certainly dedicate a good portion of your trip to visiting the scenic tourist spots in Bacolod City and the rest of Negros Occidental. Some of the good spots that the province has to offer are The Ruins, an ancestral home mansion of a wealthy baron in the 1920s; Lakawon Island, a 33-hectare white sand beach with clear waters; and Negros Museum, where historical and cultural artifacts of the province are preserved for the Negrenses’ sense of identity.

With the breathtaking places, Bacolod has to offer, you want to make sure that you are able to seize it with a flagship smartphone with a good camera.

Capture Your Bacolod Food Trip Using a High-quality Vlogging Camera

After all the standing, strolling, and cheering at the lively parade, food is the only possible cure for exhaustion! And so, don’t think the City of Smiles would lag behind other provinces when it comes to culinary. One of its trademark foods is its chicken inasal – marinated with a mixture of condiments and spices meant to explode in your mouth. While you’re at it, what better way to document hopping from one manokan restaurant to another than by vlogging it with a portable and top-notch digital camera?

Unleash the Adventurer in You in the Masskara Cup Drag Fest

For all the adrenaline junkies, you have a place this coming Masskara Festival 2022! The city government has Masskara Cup Drag Fest lined up this year. Expected to set in motion in this event are drag racing, autocross, and cross-kart. To further build up the adrenaline rush, motorists and cyclists can now participate in a BMX competition. Recording rigorous activities like these calls for a reliable action camera so you would never miss out on recording the jumps and swerves when you fully shift into your element.

As the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, the country’s leading buy now, pay later (BNPL) provider Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), helps festival-goers elevate their Masskara Festival experience with essential photography and videography gadgets that can be purchased through hundreds of its partner merchants. All items can be purchased through flexible payment terms and low-interest rates— making preserving vibrant moments and celebrating the country’s history, culture, and traditions accessible for all.

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). To learn more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit their official website You may also follow them on their official FacebookInstagram, and TikTok accounts. 


4 thoughts on “Balik Yuhum! Elevate Your Masskara Experience with Home Credit

  1. Masskara Festival is one of the best festival in the world and I’m so happy and glad to see that after 2 year of hiatus our fellow kababayans in Bacolod can experience this amazing event again. Good to know that Home Credit is part of this awesome event that offers high quality photography and video that highlights the beauty of Masskara festival and it’s tradition.

  2. ” Smile Again ” Ang gaNdang event Po nitong Masskara Festival. Pretty sure madaming activities. 😊 Sarap Po pumunta at manood.

  3. Pangarap ko talaga itong mapanood maskarra festival Lalo na sa Bacolod pa ito ginaganap napakagandamg lugar sila yung the best pagdating sa pagkain Pati ang sasarap

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