Bacolod Homeschoolers Join MassKara Festival 2016 With Jojo Vito


The Bacolod homeschoolers group had a colorful day painting masks at the Jojo Vito Design Gallery. This is in celebration of MassKara Festival 2016.

Bacolod Homeschoolers
Bacolod Homeschoolers with Jojo Vito after the mask painting activity.

Bacolod Homeschoolers Celebrate MassKara Festival

Every October, Bacolod City is turned upside down because of the almost month-long festivities for the world-renowned MassKara Festival.

And this year, the Bacolod Homeschoolers don’t want to miss the fun. Therefore, as a group so we also had our own activity that is related to the MassKara 2016–a mask painting activity.

Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

We held it in the showroom of a famous Bacolod figure– Jojo Vito of the Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. Vito is the man behind the famous fiberglass masks that are used by the MassKara Queen Pageant. You may also see his work on those who participate in streetdancing competitions.

Bacolod Homeschoolers
Mr. Jojo Vito welcomed the kids to his gallery.

He also makes giant masks for those who want to use them as wall or building decor for the occasion. He has some Bacolod pasalubong items as well. Since we are homeschooling, it’s okay for us to just go out even if it’s the middle of the work week.

Bacolod Homeschoolers Masskara Festival
The kids were given fridge magnet masks as incentive for finishing their masks.

Mask Painting for Kids

Mr. Vito prepared masks made of plaster of Paris for the kids. For P180 per child, the mask painting activity came with brushes and odorless latex paints.

Bacolod Homeschoolers
Mr. Vito looks around while the kids paint their masks.

As a treat because some of our delegation are young kids, he also said that he will give away little mask fridge magnets to those who can finish painting their masks.

Bacolod Homeschoolers mask painting
The kids painted their masks in different ways so they were able to express themselves through colors.

The kids were all excited with painting their masks and everyone got to finish painting. It was a short but fun activity and we were thankful that despite Mr. Vito being all busy during MassKara Festival time, he still managed to squeeze in some time for us.

Activities for Bacolod Homeschoolers

We have several activities lined up for November and for December we will have our Christmas party. homeschooling in Bacolod families are happy that for this outing, we have a new member family.

Bacolod Homescholers
Our network is growing! We have a new family with us. And on December, there will be more. Homeschooling in Bacolod is gaining some traction.

Some of our future plans is to level up the network into more than just a venue for outings of the Bacolod homeschoolers.

We may have training and workshops for parents, too. Our next project is formulating our mission and objectives, which will be a collaborative work with another homeschooling mom.

Bacolod Homeschoolers, Masskara Festival
Masks on display at Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. He also makes trophies.

Meanwhile, read why we are homeschooling our children.

Contact Information

Jojo Vito Designs Gallery is located at 119 Kapitana Dikang – Alunan Avenues, Bacolod City. You may contract them through the mobile No. +63 946 279 1575 or Tel. No. (034) 704 2378.

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At the gallery, they have some of the most uniquely designed hanging, table, and floor lamps.

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