Alaska Gives 70 Days of ‘Lakas at Talas’ to Foster Kids


As we entered 2022, new challenges have inevitably arisen given the current state of the pandemic around the world. With these problems that we face during these uncertain times, Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk sought to uplift vulnerable communities and share the spirit of giving. This time, they singled out Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk as recipients of powdered milk.

Personalized Greeting Cards

Last Christmas, Alaska invited members of its Facebook community, MOMs of Alaska (MOMAs), to make the holidays a little brighter for foster kids. These are the children from the company’s partner orphanages, namely the:

  • Christian Compassion Ministries Foundation, Inc. (CCMFI)
  • House of Refuge Foundation, Inc.

Over a hundred members of the Alaska MOMAs community came together to create special Christmas cards. These have creative designs and personalized messages dedicated to each of the children.

Foster Kids Received Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk

Moreover, Alaska collected the Christmas cards and held a turnover with the partner institutions, donating 70 days’ worth of “Lakas at Talas”. Yes, they gave out Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk products that can last for 70 days. These should give the children the added nutrition to help with their brain and body development while they are still growing.

Gift packs with toys and educational materials were also included in the turnover, which the children happily received with smiles and loud cheers.

Ms. Mailyn Balairos, CCMFI Center Head, shared her appreciation to the moms who took their time to create Christmas cards for the children under their care. CCMFI is a church-based Christian organization that aims to provide children with educational assistance, shelter, medical aid, and skills training. It also aims to nourish their souls with the word of God.

foster kids, Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk, Christian Compassion Ministries Foundation, Inc.
~ Center Head Mailyn Balairos, joined by the staff of Christian Compassion Ministries, receive Christmas cards and 70 days’ worth of “Lakas at Talas” from Alaska. ~

“On behalf of CCMFI and the children, I wanted to convey my deepest gratitude to the moms of Alaska and to Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk for this unforgettable event for the children,” Mailyn shared.

Meanwhile, Riza Lepasana, OIC and Directress of House of Refuge Foundation Inc., also expressed her gratitude for the initiative. “On behalf of House of Refuge, I sincerely thank the moms who made an effort to make this Christmas feel special for our kids, and to thank Alaska for sharing their blessings of ‘Lakas at Talas’ with our children,” Riza said.

HRFI is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting orphaned and abandoned children in Metro Manila.

Attitude of Gratitude

Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk is also extending thanks to its partner orphanages for assisting and providing homes to children in need and giving them the “alaga” or care that they deserve. In these challenging times, Alaska reached out to the children of House of Refuge and Christian Compassion Ministries Foundation so that they can help fuel their mission of providing affordable quality nutrition to Filipino children and families everywhere.

  • For more information on Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk and its initiatives, visit www.alaskamilk.com and www.facebook.com/alaskamilkph.
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