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Tips to Achieving a Healthy Body and Mind


So many things have happened since last year and these have affected our health and well-being. But the good news is, everyone has the ability to make positive changes in their lives in order to achieve a healthy body and mind. This New Year is the perfect time for a reset. Below is a list of some things that you can do to improve your quality of life.

A Healthy Body and Mind

Many people only acknowledge what they can see with their eyes. But health is not truly achieved if the mind and body are not in sync. We should not just base health on what see can physically see.

Mental health is the other half of our overall wellness.

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~ Walking can be both a form of relaxation or physical exercise. How you do it would depend on your state of mind. ~

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought mental health conditions to the spotlight. Worry about wellness and finances plus the uncertainty of the future has worsened the mental state of many people. Help hotlines have been busier than ever.

Needless to say, one of the positive things that came out of this pandemic is that people are starting to see the importance of mental health. The stigma of shame related to mental illness has been diminished, as even celebrities openly talk about depression and anxiety. Moreover, the use of natural remedies such as CBD has also soared during this particularly testing time. If you would like to learn more about the potential mental health-boosting benefits of products containing CBD like CBD oil for trauma, then doing some research into these alternative products is a great way to build your knowledge.

Things to Do to Achieve a Healthy Body and Mind

Thankfully, there are some easy things to do so that we can achieve the pink of health for both our minds and bodies. These may be simple measures and some may sound cliché, but these are just what we need to do to put our health back on track.

Here are the top tips that you can start incorporating in your life starting immediately.

Proper Nutrition

Our bodies react either positively or negatively to the food we consume. If you have trouble staying focused and don’t have the amount of energy you need to remain energized throughout the day, then you have to make changes in your diet.

Greasy foods and heavy meals can cause you to feel lethargic and sleepy. Furthermore, they make it nearly impossible for you to complete your routine tasks.

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~ Choose healthy: What you eat will make or break you. ~

Instead, eat lighter meals that consist of lean meats and poultry. Incorporate fresh leafy vegetables and whole grains, too.

If you have a large appetite, fill the void with healthy snacks that will keep you energized. Check out Gold Bee and the things you can add to your meal plans.

Lose the Weight

Even a few extra pounds can cause strain and unnecessary pressure on your body. Moreover, if you are more than 50 lbs. overweight, it can increase the risk of developing certain diseases like type 2 diabetes.

While you can control diabetes with medications and insulin shots, these do not address the real problem. Being overweight can also affect your mental state of mind and cause you to go into depression or lower your self-esteem.

The good news is, shedding extra weight can reduce your chance of developing this lifestyle disease.

Stay Active

The best way to clear your head and remain physically fit is to stay active. Exercising at least twice a week for 40-50 minutes will transform fat into lean muscle faster–even if you are already over 50 years old.

In this pandemic, fitness gyms have already closed because of the risk of spreading the virus. However, there are other ways to get in an effective workout. You can take brisk walks or bike rides or go swimming, especially if you are already in your 40s or older. For those with back problems, bouncing on the trampoline can give you a lot of health benefits.

In between your workouts, it’s also important to remain active to keep the weight off. When you go to a store, park the car a little further away from the entrance than normal, and then walk at a faster pace.

Quit Bad Habits

Many of us have some bad lifestyle habits. These include drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. This year, resolve to kick the habit. All of these are highly addictive substances and you may need professional help to stop them.

Other bad lifestyle habits are working while sitting down for long periods of time or not getting enough sleep at night.

~ Sleep can really help us relax and rejuvenate. Our minds work better if it gets enough rest. So do our bodies. It can also correct many imbalances in the body. ~

Sleeping can really affect our moods and mental state. Sleep deprivation can alter our mental state. Make it a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. (Source)

This is very important if you are a mom who needs to take care of the home and children. If you lack sleep, you are most likely to lose your temper on your children.

Improve Your Mental State of Mind

Stress can be caused by many factors. If you experience a high level of stress every day, then it’s time to make lifestyle changes.

If you don’t know yet, stress can lead to chronic illnesses and even serious lifestyle diseases like cancer. While everyone experiences stress from time to time, dealing with extremely stressful situations daily is harmful to the body.

Thankfully, there are many ways to keep stress under control, like essential oils. If it’s your job, then you might need to look for another one. If you are going through financial difficulties, take on a second job or a side hustle.

Meditate and Pray

I do know what you believe in or where your faith lies. But meditation and prayer are really powerful in keeping a healthy state of mind.

Meditate over God’s word and think about the things that you are grateful for. Despite the difficulties and challenges, there are still favors along the way that we can be thankful for. If we highlight them, it is most likely that we will develop a happier disposition.

Meanwhile, prayer is relying on the power, grace, and mercy of God. Through this, we will also experience His healing power.

Making the most of your life is possible. All you need to do is make the necessary changes to turn things around. Many of the things that we are stressing about are not really necessary. If you change some things in your current lifestyle, you will get a new and healthier you that you will surely love.

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  1. Salamat po sa mga tips ma, kailangan talaga alagaan natin ang ating sarili para sa mga anak natin. Mental health and physical health talaga dapat magkasama.

  2. True Yan importante Ang mental health Kaya dapat alagaan din Hindi lang physical. Healthy food dapat, exercise, meditate and pray ay effective para maging happy. Syempre din kapag happy ka mas gaganahan ka na gawin ang routine mo araw-araw. ❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing your tips mommy. Very important po talaga ang mental health and physical health na alagaan natin ang ating sarili and laging healthy foods din po. Para gaganahan ka sa araw araw na kinakaharap natin at kaya natin lagpasan at maaalagan ng maaayos ang pamilya. ❤️

  4. Thanks for the tips Ma..Kailangang kailangan natin to ngayon..Lalong lalo na about sa ating Mental Health.

  5. Being Healthy and fit is A must Nowadays.Dapat talaga na alagaan natin ang sarili natin physically and Mentally.

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