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The Beauty of Using LVT Flooring or Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring for Your Home


In recent years, people have rediscovered the joys of home improvement because they stay at home more often than they go out. With more time in the confines of home, they get to see the things that need to be repainted, repaired, or totally redone because they want to be more comfortable. Plus, of course, the aesthetics, One of the things that often need major renovation is the floor. What kind of material do you prefer? If you like the wood finish but without the maintenance, then you can go for the wood effect vinyl flooring. Here are the reasons why it can be a nice choice for your home.

What is LVT Flooring or Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring?

LVT flooring is a vinyl flooring that is composed of multiple sturdy layers designed for everyone to step on. The surface of the vinyl flooring is the design layer, which is actually a high-quality representation of either wood patterns, stone, or tiles. The designs look very authentic, like close to the original material, so you get the aesthetics of the design you like. But this kind of flooring is easier to install and moreso, easier to maintain.

~ LVT flooring is easy to install. ~

To keep the design layer from wear and tear over the years, it is covered with a transparent, protective coating with a built-in stain guard and scratch resistance. It is also easy and comfortable to walk on.

What Are the Advantages of Using LVT Flooring?

Wood is often chosen for floors for its homey aesthetics. However, it can be hard to maintain, as it needs regular polishing and treatments. Plus, termites can be a problem in some communities or areas where these pests are common.

Here are the other advantages of using wood effect vinyl flooring to achieve the look without much of a hassle.

1. Durability

Due to its composition, LVT flooring is extremely durable and hardwearing.  It has a built-in scratch and stain guard and is more robust than wood, tile, or laminate flooring.

2. Waterproof

One of the most common problems of wood surfaces is water damage. LVT flooring is 100%, making them ideal for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, or patios with lots of plants. It can also be for living rooms and dining areas for families with kids who spill a lot of liquids on the floor.

3. Authentic Designs

There are so many LVT flooring designs available that will suit the aesthetics you want to achieve for your home. Moreover, you can choose a different design for all the areas of the house to provide some sort of demarcation. 

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~ There are so many wood patterns and tints to choose from. ~

For example, your entire living room can have a different design while the area where the soafs and center table can have a darker color. The same is true for hallways and bedrooms.

4. Versatility

Vinyl flooring is easy to install and can withstand use even in areas with the most foot traffic. And since it’s waterproof, you do not have a problem with water damage and it doesn’t need regular treatments that actual wood requires.

5. Easy Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is extremely low maintenance, which we all like because nobody wants to spend like half day just cleaning the floors, right? All you need to do is keep it clean is to sweep the floor on a regular basis. If there are stubborn stains, just spray the area with water mixed with disinfectant or bleach and mop it. Vacuum cleaning also works.

~ LVT Flooring is comfortable to walk on and easy to clean. ~

Using LVT Flooring at Home

Since we are all very busy working people, the least maintenance flooring would be our best friend. That is why if you want the aesthetics at the least cost and effort, then LVT flooring is the best choice.

And it is not just for the home. A lot of offices use this, too, to cut on installmation costs and of course, maintenance.

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8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Using LVT Flooring or Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

  1. Ang ganda naman po nito momsh water proof at pwede din sa Bathroom at madaming linisin po thanks for sharing mommy

  2. Ang lakas makayayamanin neto mommy sig. 😍 Isa din talaga sa lakas makaattract neto sa house talaga. Thank you for sharing this mommy sig. for sure in the future may idea na ko to have this sa soon to be house namin ng mga babies ko.


  4. Ang gaNda po talaga ng Vinyl Flooring. EtO Ang gusto ko din po sa Bahay Namin. Easy Lang ilagay at water proof pa ah. Bongga. Ang daming pang designs na Pag pipilian. Pero para Sakin mas gusto ko din po YUNG para SyANG wood. 😉 Lakas maka TEAM KAHOY

  5. I love it.Ang ganda ng mga patterns and colors,easy to maintain at matibay pa.No need to spend more money and time to install it.Lakas maka-sosyal ng dating😍

  6. I highly recommend Vinyl flooring too. Aside from it’s aesthetic vibes and pleasing to eyes. Very durable,waterproof and very affordable sya compared kung magta-tiles ka ng flooring. There’s so much designs or patterns that you can choose pa. Thanks for sharing this ma, very helpful ‘to lalo na sa mga balak magparenovate ng house and flooring. They got some ideas na on which kind of flooring is the best.

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