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High blood pressure, a.k.a. hypertension, is considered the world’s “silent killer” because of its often near-fatal or fatal blow to a person. Without as much warning, a stroke can happen quickly. If the person survives, he or she might be left with some debilitating physical injuries. In order to live a healthier and longer lifestyle, it is best to maintain healthy blood pressure. Here are some tips to prevent hypertension from Organique Acai Premium Blend.

Aim for Longer, Healthier, and Happier Life

Part of living a happy life is staying healthy.

Come to think of it, staying fit and healthy is a product of the many decisions we make every day. These include what we eat, drink, and do in our daily routine. When we constantly make the right health decisions, we can prevent or manage the risk of certain illnesses that we can potentially develop in the future. Some of these are osteoporosis, cancer, kidney failure, fatty liver, and hypertension.

Hypertension is called the silent killer because, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people who have the condition are unaware of it since they do not experience any symptoms.

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~Hypertension: the silent killer. Get your blood pressure checked regularly. ~

That is why it is important to have your blood pressure regularly checked by a healthcare professional. Or you can monitor your blood pressure at home with your personal BP apparatus. If it is higher than the average normal BP, then you can see a doctor who can make an overall assessment of your health condition. From your results, they can recommend the proper treatment plan or lifestyle changes for you.

About Hypertension or High Blood Pressure Levels

Blood pressure is considered high if the upper number (systolic blood pressure) constantly measures ≥140 mmHg and the lower number (diastolic blood pressure) reads ≥90 mmHg. A constantly high BP reading means that a person is hypertensive and it can lead to many health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, and even kidney failure.

It is good to remember that you are more likely to develop hypertension if you often include excess fats, salts, and sugar in your diet. Your physical activity, or inactivity, for that matter, is also a factor. If you live a sedentary or physically inactive lifestyle or drink alcohol and smoke regularly, you also increase the risk of hypertension.

A study from the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) says that we should look at two characteristics common among hypertensives regardless of age. These are high waist circumference and high BMI (body mass index).

It also pays to make some lifestyle adjustments, since blood pressure actually increases as you age. The WHO states that a risk factor for hypertension is if you are 65 years old and above. Among the elderly in the Philippines, hypertension prevalence is at 72%.

Practical Tips to Prevent Hypertension

The good news is that hypertension is actually preventable. Everyone can benefit from these simple things, especially if you are genetically predisposed to have high blood pressure. Here are some practical tips to prevent hypertension from ruining your life.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity is one of the main factors of high blood pressure. Work to achieve a healthy weight goal and maintain it.

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~ Junk food includes our favorite comfort food like pizza, burgers, fries, pop corn, and hotdog. But these are processed food laden with unhealthy fats. ~

Eat a Healthy Diet.

Losing weight for this matter is not about being skinny like a model. It is maintaining a healthy weight to prevent diseases as well as keep you healthy and maintain a good quality of life.

Choose healthy meal and snack options. This means avoiding processed meats and junk food or at least indulging in them sparingly. Eat more fruits and vegetables because their high-fiber content will make you feel full faster. Plus, they aid in the elimination of wastes in the body. Moreover, it is best to consume less salt and fats.

The good thing is — you don’t necessarily have to eat a lesser amount of food. Rather, just replace the unhealthy food on your menu with those that are more nutritious.

Be Physically Active.

During the pandemic, people have shifted to the work-from-home setup. While this may seem pretty efficient, this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle if we are not careful. It doesn’t mean that we have to pay monthly dues or hire a trainer.

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~ Get moving. A good pair of walking or running shoes will help you maintain even just brisk walking because your feet are comfortable. ~

Being physically active means getting off our seats often to do stretches. It is also best to set aside at least 30 minutes daily for some dance exercises or at least some brisk walking.

Do Not Smoke.

If you haven’t started yet, don’t even think of trying. If you are already addicted to smoking, it is best to decrease the number of sticks you light up every day. Here are some tips to quit smoking.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption.

Regular and unregulated consumption of alcohol will increase blood pressure. Over time, the levels won’t go back to normal anymore without intervention.

Get Enough Sleep.

Continuously spending late nights are also a contributing factor to hypertension. Get enough sleep and also take short breaks during the day. If you can, take a short nap in the afternoon.

Reduce or Manage Your Stress.

Stress is part of our everyday life. It is excessive stress that can cause health problems, such as hypertension. Find ways to manage your stress, like indulging in a hobby, taking breaks, or even getting a body massage.

Take Food Supplements

Food supplements are necessary for our complete daily nutrition, as they help us to ensure we are giving our bodies everything they need to function as they should, from prebiotics and postbiotics, to minerals, and help both our physical and mental health.

These are designed to support your health and increase the body’s defense against diseases. One such rich food supplement is Organique Acai Premium Blend.

Made of organic acai berry concentrate, the mix of antioxidants in Organique Acai Premium Blend is remarkable. It is a rich source of anthocyanin as well as Vitamin A and B.

Anthocyanins have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. It’s also all-natural and safe to take for all ages. You only need one shot glass 30 minutes before breakfast to get your body’s nutrient boost.

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~ Organique Acai Premium Blend is made from organic acai berries. It is rich in nutrients as well as antioxidants. ~

To know more about Organique Açaí Premium Blend, visit organique.com.ph or call the hotline, 0969-1754233. Available in all Mercury drugstores, S&R outlets, and other major drugstores and supermarkets near you.

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  1. Yes mi hypentension is a silent killer.
    We must eat healthy foods,exercise and supplement like Organic Acai Premium Blend.It helps reduce the risk of heart attack and certain cancers❤️

  2. Thank you po for sharing this tips in preventing Hypertension . Malaking tulonh po ito para sa mga nakakaexperience nito .
    At must try po talaga itong Organique Acai Premium Blend . Marami kasing benefits na makukuha .

  3. Thank you for the tips on how to avoid hypertension mommy. Very important that we take food supplements like organique acai premium blend, that can able to help reduce the cause of hypertension ❤️

  4. Thanks for sharing the tips, ma. Very informative blog post. Sobrang helpful nito para ma-prevent ang Hypertension. Kaya super laking help talaga na meron tayong tine-take na supplement tulad ng Organique Acai Premium Blend na nakakatulong upang mabawasan o ma-reduce ang chance of having hypertension. Must have supplement ,daming good benefits sa katawan.

  5. Eat healthy foods and need exercise everyday para makaiwas sa hypertension…kailangan din talaga makontrol ang stress natin mabuti meron din food supplements para makatulong sa pang araw araw nating pangangailangan

  6. Silent killer po talaga ang hypertension. Sad KASi po namatay ang Lola ko, lolo, Tita at pinsan dahil sa hypertension. History Namin ng family Namin ang hypertensive.
    Kaya double ingat po talaga sa food intake. Proper diet and exercise plus taking vitamins or food supplements.

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