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Jewelry for Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions from GLO


Mother’s Day is coming and for the beloved woman who brought us into this world, we try to find the best and most unique gifts for her. Here are some Mother’s Day gift suggestions from Gifts Less Ordinary.

personalized mommy jewelry - Mother's Day gift suggestions
And of course, where will mommy put her jewelry collection? Here’s nice personalized Best MUM jewelry case, also from Gifts Less Ordinary.

Jewelry for Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

Babies are born while mothers become. We become mothers the moment a life is conceived in our wombs. And it becomes a life-long journey for us. That is why, I think it is just fitting that we have this at least one-day celebration in a year to celebrate this unique woman. And with that, I have compiled a list of Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions, focusing mainly on personalized jewelry.

Personally, I love jewelry and anything personalized. So naturally, my personal list now of Mother’s Day gift suggestions will focus on personalized jewelry for mom. And I think that many mommies will agree with me on this–we love wearing trinkets bearing the names of our little (or not so little) ones all the time. For sure these Mommy Jewelry pieces will be a hit among moms of all ages as Mothers’ Day gifts.

Top 5 Mommy Jewelry Designs

In no particular order, here are my top Mother’s Day gift suggestions in the personalized mommy jewelry category.

Personalized Family Necklace

The Personalized Family Necklace was designed as an alternative to the Duchess Necklace, popularized by the Duchess of Cambridge. It was especially created for those with larger families, as you know, more kids means more charms.

personalized mommy jewelry - Mother's Day gift suggestions - family necklace with charms
The family necklace. So cute!!!

You can choose from three chain lengths and include boy or girl charms, depending on your family’s set up. It’s available in sterling silver or 18k yellow gold plated. I would love having this and have two girl charms, each with the name of Shawna and Shane on either charm.

Personalized People Chain Bracelet

For mommies who prefer bracelets, this people chain bracelets will surely be a hit. You can engraved you child’s name on a boy or girl charm that will be attached to a chain.

personalized mommy jewelry - Mother's Day gift suggestions - people chain bracelet
The people chain bracelet.

Only one charm is allowed per bracelet. So if you have several children, you can order several bracelets and wear them all together. That will be super chic!

Personalized Laurel Necklace 

I love flowers and nature but I couldn’t find any jewelry with a flower design, so the laurel leaf designed necklace is the next best thing. The design is so dainty that it’s perfect for when mommy is wearing V-neck or strapless tops. Lovet! It’s available in silver and 18k gold plated material.

personalized mommy jewelry - Mother's Day gift suggestions - laurel necklace
Laurel necklace.

Personalized Mini Heart Locket Necklace

I think that nothing beats the heart locket necklace for mom. It’s a classic jewelry piece that many moms from around the world through the decades have worn.

personalized mommy jewelry - Mother's Day gift suggestions - heart lockets
Personalized heart lockets for mom in three colors.

They usually contain the photos of their most beloved people. At GLO, you can choose from two chain lengths, text finish, as well as the metal — it can be silver or 9-ct rose or yellow gold. I think the kids’ flower child photos would be nice in here.

Love You To Pieces Necklace

The Love You to Pieces Necklace is soooo unique! I love this design and the concept behind it. And also, because we love puzzles, either 2D or 3D puzzles.

personalized mommy jewelry - Mother's Day gift suggestions - Love You to Pieces Necklace
Love You to Pieces Necklace. Get it?

It’s available in silver, rose, or yellow gold. Since each puzzle piece can only be engraved with three characters, you can put initials or nicknames of your kids on it.

More Personalized Items from GLO

What I like about Gifts Less Ordinary online gift shop is its variety. There are so many personalized items to choose from. It’s also very easy to customize on the website. Everything just needs a click for a decision to be made.

But I think they need three more designs — flowers, mermaids, and even unicorn-inspired jewelry! The site offers free shipping for most items as well as free gift wrapping with customized messages, too. You can pay through Paypal or credit card. I think my personalized mommy jewelry selections will be popular Mother’s Day gift suggestions this year.

Note: All photos were taken from the Gifts Less Ordinary website.
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18 thoughts on “Jewelry for Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions from GLO

  1. This is such a cute collection of Mother’s Day gift suggestions. I love the one with puzzle pieces. It looks so cute and sends the message perfectly.

  2. Such a nice gift for this coming mother’s day. This is perfect for occasions and events that she can wear all the time. Love the “Love you to pieces” one.

  3. What a cute list of Mother’s Day gift suggestions that you’ve put together! Who doesn’t love customized jewelry? It can be a perfect for gift for mother’s day!

  4. This is a great reminder that I need to get on my Mother’s Day shopping! I am so bad about doing everything last minute so it’s my goal to get a Mother’s Day gift early. I love the locket necklaces and so would my mom. I think personalized jewelry gifts are the most special.

  5. This would be a sweetest gift for mum . My mum loves jewellery and a jewellery with a message would be perfect and overwhelming for her . Thanks for suggesting it. Love it!

  6. My personal picks are the (1) mini-heart and (2) love you to pieces. The mini-heart is classic, and all time fave. But the love you to pieces is not only unique, but cool! Personalized Mother’s Day gifts are the best!

  7. Very cute options for Mother’s Day gifts! I also normally go for something cute as a gift to my mom, she loves things cute and pretty and I know she’s normally shy to buy cute stuff just for herself. So I bring it upon myself to do it for her.

  8. Some really nice ideas here for Mother’s Day, they’d make great gifts. Not only for Mother’s Day. Or even birthdays, they would be really nice.

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