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Moira dela Torre on Para sa Life Campaign for Home Credit


We Filipinos have learned to live with COVID-19. With all the safety protocols in place, we are now living in the new normal. New doors are opening for many of us and we are just thankful to be alive. But we also need some glimmer of hope that things are going to get better soon. Home Credit ambassador Moira dela Torre believes that the company can help elevate Filipinos’ lives and also give hope to many who are still struggling right now.

Moira dela Torre: The New Ambassadress for Home Credit

Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the country’s leading consumer finance company, introduced singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre as the brand’s ambassador for its “Para sa Life” campaign. This aims to share a message of hope for a better life for Filipinos.

Moira, the most-streamed Filipina artist, performed the theme song “Para Sa Life” for the Home Credit campaign video. 

“I loved it. It was so special to me,” Moira said, pertaining to the song.  “I’m glad that Home Credit gives me the opportunity to be their ambassador so I can give voice to that wonderful song to inspire more Filipinos,” she added. The singer-songwriter is behind the hit songs “Malaya,” “Tagpuan,” and many more.

A Message of Hope

Moira believes that Home Credit’s new campaign can touch the hearts of millions of Filipinos. The singer wants to share the message smart and non-smart appliances are within their reach with Home Credit’s easy financing plans.

“I really love that Home Credit allows us to have somebody to rely on. Back in college, I really wanted to buy a microwave for myself since I was living alone. But I knew that it was impossible for me to get one since I couldn’t afford it in cash,” Moira said laughing.  

“Now, I love that Home Credit provides us the accessibility to purchase the things we need in life while giving us the flexibility in our payment terms. And I’m happy that someone out there, who I once was like, can now buy their microwave because of Home Credit,” Moira added.

This campaign of Home Credit aims to inspire more Filipinos, whether they be young professionals, couples starting a family, and those who have already established their lives. The company wants to be with them as they pursue their life’s dreams–Para sa Life.

Bringing Home Credit Closer, Relatable to Filipinos 

Sheila Paul, HCPH’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed her delight in the song as an inspiration to individuals who aspire for financial stability.

“This new song of Home Credit encapsulates the brand’s promise of companionship through the use of our easily accessible and affordable financial products for our Filipino consumers. Also, the song relays that Home Credit is ideal for young families and starting individuals who aspire to establish their lifelong plans and helping them turn small dreams into reality,” she shared.

Homonym, an agency specializing in sonic branding and end-to-end music and audio marketing solutions, helped Home Credit’s “Para sa Life” campaign. They made use of the combination of sight and sounds to bring the campaign to life.   

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“Marketing strategies have turned to visual messaging these past two years and now, marketers are on the lookout to explore other senses that can work. This is where Sonic Branding comes in. It is a strategic, purposeful, and consistent use of sound and music in branding and marketing to shape perception and behavior,” said Homonym founder and chief executive Mike Constantino.

By using studies that provide insight into the music habits of Filipino consumers, Homonym was able to determine Home Credit’s brand essence and fine-tuned it with the preferences of the target market to produce a melody that portrays a positive vibe and the feeling of trust and respect.

“Sight targets the brain while sound targets emotions thus eliciting feelings. By creating that emotional connection with the brand’s own signature sound, it will create a long-lasting effect on the target audience and increase familiarity with the brand,” he added.

Paul believed that tapping Homonym in the campaign made Filipinos relate to the message Home Credit wanted to convey.

Learn More About Home Credit

“As a reliable financial partner of Filipinos, Home Credit has a greater mission of helping its consumers better manage their finances and promote financial inclusion. With music as a huge part of our lives, we at Home Credit saw the value of building our sonic identity and communicating our messages through music to make more people relate to the message of hope and trust that we are trying to convey,” said Paul.

  • Check out the official music video of Moira dela Torre for Home Credit’s “Para sa Life” campaign by visiting the brand’s official Facebook and YouTube accounts.
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4 thoughts on “Moira dela Torre on Para sa Life Campaign for Home Credit

  1. Ang galing nman ni miss Moira! Bongga ng Home Credit. Makaka avail tayo ng appliances na kailangan natin sa bahay. Super easy lang mag home credit sakanila.

  2. Every appliances you want is possible to achieve. Thanks to Home Credit! Pina-easy at pinagaan talaga nila yung pagbili ng mga bagay na need natin sa bahay. So happy to see that Ms. Moira is their ambassadress, na sobrang relate satin and napagdaanan yung hirap ng pagpundar ng gamit sa bahay, and she’s one of the living proof na Home Credit is such a big help to us talaga. Love it. Thanks for sharing this to us, ma.

  3. Wow si Moira. Galing namaN po. Life campaign New ambassadress ng Home credit. 😍😍
    Super easy po talaga mag apply ng Home Credit.

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