Mapúa Malayan Digital College Changes Higher Education in Bacolod


Bacolod is hailed by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) as a “Center of Excellence” for Business Process Management. Indeed, Bacolod is an emerging digital city based on the rise of its local talent, infrastructure, and economic environment. Mapúa Malayan Digital College wants to be part of training college students for this new era in the digital revolution of Bacolod.

Mapúa Malayan Digital College in Bacolod

To build on the city’s momentum, there is an opportunity to support the local education landscape and provide students and young professionals access to academic excellence and an affordable learning experience that will continue to fuel the region’s digitalization and economic growth. With this goal
in mind, Mapúa University and Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapua school, have launched the Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC). It is a new college focused on technology and business.

MMDC Sidlak Scholarship Program, Mapúa Malayan Digital College, Bacolod City

For the upcoming school year 2022-2023, MMDC is pioneering one of its Learning Hubs at Ayala Malls
Capitol Central
in Bacolod City — a first in the Visayas. They will also launch MMDC Sidlak Scholarship Program for the best and brightest applicants from the Bacolod area.

“There is no better place to bring affordable and modernized Business and IT education than right here in
Bacolod, where we can work with Bacolodnon and Negrense students who are keen on digital life and a
digital-first education. We appreciate the opportunity to bring the heritage of the Philippines’ premier
Engineering college to Bacolod to help serve local SMEs and attract more large enterprises to the region,”
said Derrick Latreille, Chief Learning Officer of MMDC and Co-founder of Ayala Education.

Affordable Digital-First Education

MMDC is an affordable digital-first offering that delivers a cutting-edge online curriculum and offline
experiences designed for the modern Filipino student. It also harnesses the academic excellence and
heritage of Mapúa University and Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapua School, of which it is a subsidiary.
“Mapúa Malayan Digital College was created with today’s students’ needs in mind,” said Latreille.

MMDC Sidlak Scholarship Program, Mapúa Malayan Digital College, Bacolod City, distance learning, Derrick Latreille

“Through a series of in-depth interviews, we’ve determined critical factors for students and parents when deciding to choose a college: the reputation of the school, close proximity to their homes, affordability, and an experience that will help them get the career they want. Mapúa Malayan Digital College will be fulfilling all these through its unique student experience.”

Interviews, as well as recent surveys conducted by MMDC through Acumen, Insight Asia, and Nerve,
showed available courses, tuition fees, and school reputation rank highest in terms of students’ priorities in choosing a college. In addition, while students are becoming more open to the combination of online and face-to-face learning, they still continue to value community and opportunities for socialization.

The Learning Model

Digital Learning and Offline Spaces for Modern Needs MMDC has created a learning model that directly answers students’ needs and wants. Its unique offering prioritizes the following aspects of learning and student life:

Courses for Employability

MMDC focuses on areas that are in-demand by both students and industry: technology and business. Specializations in Information Technology include Data Analytics, Software Development, and Network and Cybersecurity.

MMDC Sidlak Scholarship Program, Mapúa Malayan Digital College, Bacolod City

Meanwhile, specializations in Business Administration major include Marketing Management, Operations Management, and Human Resource Management.

These degrees are designed by instructional design professionals who have experience in academe
as well as the workforce. The Business Administration degree is offered by MMDC through CHED’s
memorandum on the implementation of flexible learning. MMDC students and graduates will be highly
considered for internships and employment with MMDC’s Corporate Employer Partners, including
Globe, Ayala Land, Ayala Corp., Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Yondu, and Asticom.

Curriculum for the Real World

MMDC helps students develop not just technical skills but also soft skills (such as critical thinking, leadership, creativity, analysis, and collaboration). Students will learn through MMDC’s Projects, Problems and Cases (PPC) model, which emphasizes real-world applications and evaluates students on their output, and not on traditional testing methods. In addition, the MMDC curriculum will also include content from international educational providers, such as Coursera.

Learning Hubs, At Convenient Locations, for Student Collaboration

MMDC will provide modern collaboration spaces where students can meet, do focused work, collaborate on group projects, organize clubs, and more. MMDC’s first two Learning Hubs will be located at Ayala Malls Capitol Central (Bacolod City) and Ayala Malls Cloverleaf (Quezon City).

Tech Tools to Power Learning

MMDC can provide each student their own laptop and pocket Wi-Fi, as well as access to the Learning Hub and Student Services to assist with all their connectivity needs.

Flexible Learning For Modern Students’ Needs

MMDC’s required class meeting times clock in at approximately 7.5 hours a week of synchronous learning, made available with both early and late day schedules. This gives students more control of their time and allows them to balance academics, hobbies, family life, and social life. This set-up also allows flexibility for the working adult who wants to complete their college degree.

Affordable Fees

MMDC introduces a Pioneer Scholarship where the first 500 enrolled students will be granted up to PHP20,000 discount on tuition fees. With this partial discount, enrollment fee can be as low as P19,000/term (trimestral term) considering a full load of 15 units.

Sidlak Scholarship Program: Exclusive to the Bacolod area

The Sidlak Scholarship Program will be awarded to the top student applicants who meet the qualifications for ‘SIDLAK 100% scholarship discount’ or ‘SIDLAK 50% scholarship discount’ on tuition fees for one (1) school year with 3 terms.

This opportunity is open to all graduating Grade 12 students or high school graduates from a CHED-recognized public or private school in the Bacolod area.

Students must be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or Business Administration at
MMDC, and the scholarship application period will run from May 1 to June 15, 2022.

Future-Proof Education for the Future of Bacolod

With the introduction of MMDC, the Mapúa Malayan legacy of quality education continues for more
students, now in the Visayas region. “Mapúa University has always been at the forefront of innovation, and Mapúa Malayan Digital College is our latest proof of this. MMDC is also one of our efforts to address the need to provide affordable quality education to more students nationwide through a new approach that directly addresses the challenges faced by Filipino students,” said Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, President and
CEO of the Mapúa University.

“By creating a college that prepares them for the real world; develops soft skills like critical thinking,
leadership, and empathy; uses digital learning in a more meaningful way; and provides students with the
technology that they need, we ultimately produce graduates who are citizens that can contribute to a better country,” said Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, President of Malayan Colleges Laguna and Mindanao, Mapua Schools.

Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, MMDC Sidlak Scholarship Program, Mapúa Malayan Digital College, Bacolod City

Now, students right in the heart of Bacolod can start contributing to the future of the city. “Industry goes and industry grows where labor is capable. With MMDC’s reputable college program that takes on a new, digital-first approach, we look forward to unlocking exciting new career opportunities and advancements for Bacolodnons and Negrenses in IT and business-related fields,” added Latreille.

Mapúa Malayan Digital College is now accepting BS Information Technology students and BS
Business Administration freshmen students, for the 2022-2023 school year. Students may inquire
or enroll by visiting

About Mapúa Malayan Digital College

Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC) is a digital-first college that is part of Malayan Colleges Laguna,
A Mapua School, that is dedicated to nurturing nation-building students who will thrive in a business and
technology-driven world. Mapúa University and Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapua School, are wholly
owned subsidiaries of iPeople, inc., a Yuchengco – Ayala education partnership.

To learn more about MMDC, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and

Mapúa Malayan Excellence

The Mapúa Malayan legacy began in 1925 with the establishment of the Mapúa Institute of Technology.
The brand expanded with the opening of Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapua School (MCL) in 2007, as
well as the opening of Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapua School (MCM) in 2018. MCL has garnered a
number of accolades: an overall rating of 3 QS stars, with 5 stars for employability, 4 stars for facilities, and 3 stars for social responsibility and inclusiveness. The college is also ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been granted autonomous status by the Commission on Higher Education, enabling the institution to create programs as needed by students.

About the Yuchengco Group

The Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) is a premiere Philippine conglomerate with interests ranging
from banking to international business partnerships, from financial services to construction, and from
education to information technology.


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