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Here’s How Couples Can Make Positive Co-Parenting Work


Every parent can attest to the fact that raising a child is no easy feat. What more can be challenging for couples when their relationship issues get in the way of parenting? While this can be concerning or even so stressful for all the parties involved, there is always a way to make things easier. Here are some ways that couples can work out their relationship in order to make positive co-parenting work. Read more. 

What is Positive Co-Parenting

There is a growing number of couples whose relationships do not stay but they end up with a child or children together. While many of them embrace the concept of co-parenting, much has to be worked out in order for the child to grow up secure in the love of his or her parents.

There are still couples who continue to be in conflict when co-parenting. But there is actually a counterpart–cooperative or positive co-parenting.

Positive co-parenting happens when both parents agree on some basic rules for raising children. They weigh heavily on the child’s best interest when making decisions and both parents respect each other’s participation in parenting practices.

The Mom’s Part

Whether in a solo or co-parenting situation, moms would usually take the huge responsibility of ensuring their child’s welfare. This is because moms are innately independent, strong, reliable, and nurturing.

But when it comes to raising a child, the strongest moms know that they need a reliable support system to make things work.

Strong Connections

In line with this, PLDT Home delves into the reality of co-parenting in a new video released in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Featuring popular Filipino actors and real-life couple Jerald Napoles and Kim Molina, the heartwarming video narrates the story of two separated parents navigating the challenges of caring for a new baby.

Molina’s character, Michelle, juggles motherhood with her high-powered professional responsibilities at work. Meanwhile, the father, Jigo, played by Napoles, does his best to assist despite their strained relationship.

Throughout the video, Jigo demonstrates a genuine willingness to learn and adapt, potentially opening the possibility for a healthy co-parenting arrangement for their family. The story emphasizes the importance of helping and supporting mothers, especially co-parents, as they can always benefit from someone they can rely on.

Through this special Mother’s Day story, which honors hardworking mothers and mother figures, PLDT Home reaffirms its longstanding commitment to promoting safe spaces and fostering stronger connections within the family at home.


Be inspired by this Mother’s Day story and share your own special experiences with Mom. Watch PLDT Home’s video at

Happy Mother’s Day!


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