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Great Buys for the Family at the SM Store Sale


The SM Store Sale is a family haunt

The recent 3-Day SM Store Sale at SM City Bacolod was truly a happy family affair for us. We needed new stuff and we happily shopped during the sale, getting great discounts for items we needed.

SM Store sale - SM City Bacolod - SM mallwide sale - bargain - shopping -save money - discounts- freebies
Dindin checks out some shirts. She’s really a big girl now.

SM Store Sale 2018

It’s the SM Supermalls 60th Anniversary this year and we have seen a round of great SM Store sale events. We have happily hopped to the mall for the different events and have found really great deals. Some great items even went as low as P60 only!

Kids’ Growing Needs

Dindin is now 9 years old while Shane, now a preschooler, are growing pretty rapidly. We just noticed the changes when they both started complaining they cannot fit in their clothes and shoes. Gosh! Time really flies so fast.

While we are thankful that they are growing happy and healthy, it also means one thing — our budget is also expanding to accommodate their needs.

SM Store sale - SM City Bacolod - SM mallwide sale - bargain - shopping -save money - discounts- freebies
Hubby joins the hunt for half-priced Superman shirts!

As budget conscious parents, it is imperative for us to provide the needs of our kids at the least cost. I am a freelancing, work at home mom, so intentional penny pinching is necessary to make both ends meet. After all, income does not come regularly like a salaried employee.

August Sale

In order to achieve our goals without sacrificing our needs, we take advantage of bargain shopping. We sort of time our shopping, like during July and August, which are considered lean months. So these are also the months with the most sale events, like the SM Store Sale at SM City Bacolod.

It’s like shopping one-time big-time because we get more value for our money.

This year, we got clothes, shoes, and underwear for Dindin. Papa got four shirts and two dress pants. He was so happy that his total bill was only P1325 for all the items because he only got those that are 50% off. Meanwhile, Shane got a new pair of Dickies shades for kids for only P50 and a unicorn Beanie. Plus, I got some socks for her because she uses a lot of socks in school.

SM Store sale - SM City Bacolod - SM mallwide sale - bargain - shopping -save money - discounts- freebies
Shane with her P50-shades.

You may ask why I got a Beanie for Shane. Well, she has been asking for one ever since she was 2 years old. But we only bought one last weekend. It’s her first Beanie Baby, actually. haha Yes, we do not easily give in.

Additional Discounts

During the SM 3-day Mallwide Sale, bearers of SM Advantage Card and Prestige Card are entitled to additional 10% discount. This is where I got a good buy.

I have been wanting to buy a bigger electric oven because the girls and I love to bake. My current oven was a wedding gift to us. It is very durable because it has been serving us for 11 years now. But the problem is, it’s very small. So whenever I need to bake something, it has to be in small batches. Plus. I don’t know how long it will stay with us.

SM Store sale - SM City Bacolod - SM mallwide sale - bargain - shopping -save money - discounts- freebies
This is my new 48-L Hanabishi electric oven. I buy Hanabishi appliances because they are Philippine-made.

During the sale, I got a 48-Liter Hanabishi electric oven. From almost P5,200, we paid only P4200+ for it, which means that we almost got P1,000 off the tag price! Whoooppeeee! Hooray for homecooking!

If you have a BDO card, you are also entitled to rebates.


During the 3-day SM Store event, shoppers do not only get discounts, but assorted freebies as well. Mechanics apply but you can get some awesome items.

Last year, we bought a queen-sized orthopedic mattress. We got a big discount from the supplier, plus additional SMAC discount, and another 10% rebate. Plus, we got two pillows for free! How amazing is that?

There are also bundling promos available in all sections of the store.

We super enjoyed our shopping this time because we involved the whole family and we got what we needed! The SM Store sale is amazing!


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2 thoughts on “Great Buys for the Family at the SM Store Sale

  1. This might be an old post but this December, I bought sale items from SM City cebu for my baby pamangkin and for my son.

    I love SM Store, marami akong mapili, nice ang mga designs PLUS sulit jud if mag sale! Good thing SM is just 1 ride away from our home ?

  2. Wow Ang sarap AMG Shopping sa SM Store. Lalo Po talaga kapag 3-day sale. Bukod sa may mga mark down prices . May discounts pa kapag may sM advantage card ka. Amazing talaga.

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