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Gladys Reyes, Orabella Share Tips on Starting a Business


Many of us homemakers have turned into entrepreneurs during the pandemic. Most of the time, it is not by choice but by circumstance, as the viral threat has limited our mobility and opportunities. In this article, we are blessed with tips on starting a business by award-winning actress Gladys Reyes as well as the beauty brand, Orabella.

The Growth of the Mompreneur Trend

Award-winning actress Gladys Reyes is a part of a growing industry of mompreneurs. These are mothers who have successfully balanced family life while running a business on the side. They have contributed so much to the growth of the family because of the income they bring in.

Gladys, together with her husband and fellow actor Christopher Sommereux, now runs a food and catering business. The 36-year acting veteran is also currently conducting acting workshops for aspiring actors.

Recently, she was tapped by Orabella Direct Selling to host a virtual press conference for the media and bloggers that featured Arabella del Rosario. Orabella is a skincare and direct selling business that promotes beautiful skin while providing earning opportunities to Filipinos.

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~ Arabella del Rosario is the face of Orabella Skincare. Here she is posing with her billboard. ~

Last time, I reported here that Arabella del Rosario is now Orabella’s skincare brand ambassador. Meanwhile, Anne Acuña, Orabella Marketing Manager,and Aina Tejada, Orabella distributor, also spoke in the event.

Tips on Starting a Business

During the said event, Gladys shared her insights and tips on starting a business and how to become a successful mompreneur.

Study the business you are starting or joining.

Mas maganda kung ang papasukin mong negosyo ay passion mo (It would be better if you are passionate about the business that you are getting into),” she advised. Additionally, you should study the ins and outs of the business and be knowledgeable about the products and services you are offering. Learn more about its marketing, sales, and customer service aspects as well. Moreover, the accounting part should be a top priority.

Have the guts to start a business.

Apparently, it is not easy to start a business. “Hindi pwede sa negosyo na konting failure, susuko na agad (It’s a no-no in business to easily give up when you experience failure),” Gladys advised. As a mompreneur, don’t let obstacles overwhelm you. Remember that challenges come with running a business and it’s to us how to handle them.

Set realistic goals and timetables.

Sa ano mang gawain, dapat magkaroon ng specific objectives (In whatever you do, it is important to have specific objectives),” Gladys said. If you’re into sales, set a sales target every month. It is also advisable to have a time frame for your return on investment.

Find people who will support you.

A mompreneur also needs a support system. This is very important as you navigate the business world. During times when you feel down and discouraged, they are the ones who will help lift you up. Your support system can be your husband, friend, or neighbor, as long as it is composed of people you can trust.  

Believe in yourself. Use what you’ve learned in being a mom in running your business.

Being a mom is good preparation for running a business, according to Gladys. Mothers nurture their children and prepare them for the future. It is the same nurturing that a fledgling business needs until it grows.

Becoming an Orabella Distributor

In the same event, Orabella user-turned-reseller and distributor Tejada shared her experience in becoming an entrepreneur. While she is not really a businesswoman, the efficacy of Orabella made the products easy to sell.

Nagsimula po ako sa pagiging user ng Orabella. Nagustuhan ko ‘yung products, kaya naging reseller ako. Sa una po mahirap kasi nagpapakilala pa lang po si Orabella. Pero nung marami na pong nag-try at nagkaroon ng good feedback na nagandahan sila, dumami po ‘yung mga orders ko at na-meet ko po ‘yung pagiging distributor. (I started as a user of Orabella. I really liked their products, so I became a reseller. Selling was difficult at first because Orabella was just being introduced at that time. But when a lot of people tried it and had very good feedback, I had a lot of orders that I was able to meet the requirements of being a distributor,” she said.

Being an Orabella reseller or distributor is easy, according to Acuña. Their membership package retails at only P599, which includes 2 sets of products, a paper bag, and a door banner. This is already your first marketing material where you can place your contact details. 

The Orabella Whitening Line

At the event, Orabella also introduced its latest whitening line. Together with its brand ambassador Del Rosario, the company unveiled its NanoCare Body Whitening range. It includes a whitening soap, white feminine wash, whitening hand and body lotion, whitening toning gel, and a whitening deodorant. these are all made using Orabella’s NanoCare technology

“When you’re using products with NanoCare particles, it really penetrates your skin. It protects it, instantly whitens, and moisturizes,” Acuña said.

~ Use Orabella and earn as a side hustle. ~

She pointed out that “whitening” for Orabella means making your skin glow to its full potential. All Orabella products are also gentle and made mostly of natural ingredients. These beauty products are safe to be used by pregnant women and teenagers who are starting to experience skin problems.

Orabella Online

To learn more about Orabella’s latest products and promotions, visit their official social media accounts. Orabella products are available through its distributors and stores on Shopee and Lazada. Type in Orabella Direct Selling, Inc. to search for it on Lazada. Meanwhile, type Orabella PH to search for it on Shopee or just click this –>

You can also visit for more information on how you can be part of its direct selling business.

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