Five Years of Shane


Shane is 5!

Our second daughter, Shane, has just turned five years old! And it’s a week-long celebration!

Seda Capitol Central - Seda hotel bacolod - Shane
Shane is doing some ballet moves at the poolside of Seda Capitol Central.

Even after almost 10 years, I still sometimes cannot fully believe that I was able to bear a child, let alone two. Because of God’s grace, we now have two lovely daughter and our youngest has just turned five years old.

As a parent, it’s kinda hard to imagine where time went. While you are happy that they are growing up, you tend to feel a bit sad that you no longer have a baby. I could still remember how I went to the Riverside Medical Center one Sunday afternoon and just told the nurse on duty that I wanted to have a C-Section.

Shane - Riverside Medical Center - childbirth
Giving birth to Shane through C-Section at Riverside Hospital (Don Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital).

And now, Shane is five years old already!


On Facebook, Shane is famous for the hashtag #shanenanigans because of her witty remarks and our candid exchanges. If I haven’t given birth to her, I would think that she’s like a grown up trapped in a little girl’s body. Such profundity in her statements and such extensive vocabulary!

Week-Long Celebration for Shane

We started the week with a simple birthday party with her classmates and teachers at Bright Kids Preschool. Shane wanted to spend her birthday with her classmates but we were given an early schedule on August 6. She acknowledged that she turned 5 years old already on that day.

Shane- birthday weekend - Seda Capitol Central - Seda Hotel Bacolod
Shane’s birthday weekend at Seda Capitol Central.

When weekend came, we checked in at Seda Capitol Central Bacolod for a staycation. Then we had a family dinner that night, which was her exact birthday. Shane got to blow another candle on a cake. After that, she said that she turned 6 years old! haha She’s a funny one.

Shane - 5th birthday- birthday dinner - Rodrigo's cansi house
Her birthday dinner with the grandparents at Rodrigo’s Cansi House.

And today, since we had a birthday weekend at Seda Capitol Central, she said, she’s already 7 years old. She is very consistent with her answers every time somebody asks.

Shane’s Plans

We are encouraging creative thinking at home. We also try to raise our kids with enterprising spirits. Teaching entrepreneurship for kids is intentional for us.

shane - teaching entrepreneurship for kids - entrepinoy - bright kids preschool
Shane actively sells banana turon during their Entrepinoy day at Bright Kids Preschool.

Shane has had so many plans. For the longest time, she had planned her restaurant, including the name and the dishes that she will serve. She also said that she will have food carts.

But just recently, she said that she is going to be a builder. She will have a Tower of Shane, a mall with seven floors, and another multi-function building. Last night, she also said that she will be a movie maker and create, “Shane Lo: The Movie“. At four years old, she already envisioned becoming a billionaire (she said that exact word). Not sure if she’s talking about a future for Bacolod City or she’s going somewhere? haha

Wow! Her older sister at this age only dreamed of having a condo unit and a car. And we already thought that was amazing. hahaha

Favorite Food

By this time, Shane’s palate is still pretty simple. Her greatest favorites would be white mushroom, laswa (Ilonggo-style native vegetable soup), steamed broccoli, omelet of minced meat, cabbages, and carrots, fried lumpia, and fried chicken skin.

What She Likes to Do

Shane loves to dance and go swimming, or at least bathe in the pool, because she doesn’t know how to swim yet. She also likes to draw and dabble in painting, as well as sing. Moreover, she likes to wear costumes and pretend play. That’s why, whenever there is an opportunity to dress up, we grab it! haha

Shane - dress up play - unicorn - cinderella - birthday party
For her birthday party in school, Shane wore a Cinderella dress with a unicorn headband. Lost in translation! haha

Moreover, Shane loves ballet. She studies classical ballet at the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance here in Bacolod City. Last summer, she even joined the Story Book Ballet Recital for kids.

Shane - storybook ballet - Bacolod dance school - Garcia-Sanchez school of dance
Shane enjoy ballet.

One thing that Shane likes very much to do though, is to annoy people. Especially her Achi Dindin (older sister). She has yet to learn how to stop. While she adores her sister, Shane can play a lot of tricks that can be irritating to her straightforward sister. haha

Nestokid Influencer

One of Shane’s achievements in her young life is being chosen as an influencer of Nestokid for the Visayas. Eventually, this follow on formula will be renamed Nestogrow.

This may not be awesome for some, butit’s just so nice that she was chosen because the hashtag of Nestokid | Nestogrow is #GrowHappy. And indeed, she is one happy camper.

Shane - Nestokid - influencer - Bacolod mommy blogger- Nestle - kinder school
Shane is one of the influencers for Nestokid in the Visayas,

Araw ng Wika Award

Just recently, Bright Kids Preschool held their Araw ng Wika celebration. All the participants modeled modern Filipino costumes for kids and introduced themselves in Filipino. They also had a dance number. Shane won the First Prize for the Kinder class. 🙂 She looked amazing!

Shane - Araw ng Wika - traditional Filipino costumes for kids
At the Araw ng Lahi celebration of Bright Kids Preschool at City Mall. Shane wore a modern Filipiniana gown.

This is her introduction video during the Araw ng Lahi program:

The future is bright for this little kid. We continually pray for her that God will mold her into the best version of herself. God bless you, Shane! 😀 Happy 5th Birthday!


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19 thoughts on “Five Years of Shane

  1. Happy birthday to your wonderfully talented and pretty daughter Shane. I can relate to your feelings – time does go by so quick! You blink and they’re grown!

  2. Wow, sounds like you spent her birthday well. Shane is so pretty and meaningful. She is so cute and I loved her Filipiniana dress. Happy birthday to you Shane!

  3. Five is such a wonderful year because kids become so much more self sufficient. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Shane, I hope that it was one of the best birthdays she’s ever had.

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