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Eyelash Extensions: Instant New Look for Mommy


Eyelash Extensions for mom

Sometimes, Mommy can get fed up with things. You can barely take care of yourself, let alone be able to feel a bit pretty. It’s hard to balance beauty on one hand and all the other things you NEED to do in your other hand. You want instant makeover, mommies? Have some eyelash extensions attached.

eyelash extensions Bacolod - beauty - Jenelyn's embroidery
My new human hair eyelash extensions in Bacolod by Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

I have long lashes but they are not abundant nor wavy. They just stick out straight. It would take a lot of curling and mascara for them to set and look significant on my face.

A New Look for Mom

As a mom having two kids, while blogging, and homeschooling in Bacolod, I can get lost in all that’s happening around me. I don’t have a babysitter or a helper so then, it’s easy to forget all about myself.

But sometimes, you just feel you need a breather. You get bored and want to change your look. The easiest would be to get a haircut and of course, have a change of hairstyle. But you can also change your look and lighten your mood with eyelash extensions. I tell you, it happened to me.

Human Hair Eyelash Extensions

So I went to Jenelyn’s Embroidery at the 2nd Floor of the University Courtyard, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City. I went there for a foot spa and a pedicure and ended up having those as well as eyelash extensions.

For P800, I got longer and fuller lashes, a new look, and a better mood. hahaha

eyelash extensions Bacolod - beauty - Jenelyn's embroidery
I was given human hair eyelash extensions at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.

I was told that they used human hair for my eyelash extensions. From whom these hairs are from, I don’t dare know. But what I know is, they are lighter than synthetic hair, which I had before. Since they are taken from real hair, they have the same consistency as my existing lashes, so it seems there are no foreign objects on my eyelids.

Sexy Look Eyelash Extensions

There are different lengths of eyelash extensions, depending on what you like and for what occasion. There’s something for the casual, everyday look, the medium length, and the pageant look. There’s also the sexy look or the cat’s eye, where they will attach short lashes from the inner eye towards the center.

eyelash extensions Bacolod - beauty - Jenelyn's embroidery
Here, lashes already look fuller and curlier.

From the middle going outside the lids, they will attach longer strands to create an illusion of length. My eyes look sultry, at least for me. hahaha Don’t argue please. Allow me this indulgence.

Anyway, with the eyelash extensions, I don’t need to apply mascara and even eyeliner because it kind of put an outline and emphasized my eyes. I feel pretty. hahaha I love it. I can only wish that I can have this everyday.

How to Attach the Eyelash Extensions

So at Jenelyn’s Embroidery, they have a comfortable, air conditioned room for this service. Here’s the process.

eyelash extensions Bacolod - beauty - Jenelyn's embroidery
Removal of dirt, oils, and makeup is the first step.
  1. Cleaning the eye area with cleanser to remove oils, dirt, and especially makeup. But it is best to go there without makeup on.
  2. The lower lashes will be taped so that they won’t stick to the other lashes or even the lid. This is to avoid accidents.
  3. Each lash is attached one by one.
  4. Use of a fan. You will feel a slight stinging sensation when the glue is still wet. They have a rechargeable fan handy when this happens and they will let the fan blow on your eyes. This will ease the sting as the glue dries up, which happens pretty fast.
  5. The entire process takes about 30 to 45 minutes, as they attach one hair after another. Yep, it’s that painstaking. As for the glue, it just dries up fast. Check the process below as they took a video of me.
eyelash extensions Bacolod - beauty - Jenelyn's embroidery
Each last is painstakingly attached one by one. Please tip your attendant — this is sooo tedious! haha

Watch my eyelash extensions being attached:

Attaching the eyelash extensions

Care for Eyelash Extensions

After installation of eyelash extensions, here are the instructions for the care. This new look can last up to a month, depending on how you take care of it. I can only wish, it’s permanent. But I was told that there are no permanent extensions. So when you want one, just visit Jenelyn’s Embroidery again. ๐Ÿ˜€

eyelash extensions Bacolod - beauty - Jenelyn's embroidery
Different eyelash extensions and glue at Jenelyn’s Embroidery.
  • Do not to wash it overnight to let the glue settle. I cleaned my face with makeup remover and then toner, avoiding the eye area.
  • The following day when I took a bath, I washed my face already with soap and water but I did not rub around the eye area. Then I just dabbed my eyes with a towel to remove excess water. It kinda stung when I opened my eyes without wiping because a lot of water had accumulated on my new lashes. haha So you can dab, but not rub.
  • Don’t scratch or rub the eyes. Not only will it remove the eyelash extensions, it might irritate your eyes.
  • Do not use mascara, it will clump the hair extensions.
eyelash extensions Bacolod - beauty - Jenelyn's embroidery
The glue can sting a bit. But some air from the fan will make it go away.

About Jenelyn’s Embroidery

Jenelyn’s Embroidery specializes in beauty enhancements like nail tech, eyelash extensions, and permanent makeup. They have personalized service and friendly staff. Prices are reasonable, too. Visit them for your beauty needs. Since the place is small, it is best to book an appointment before visiting.

Contact Details

Jenelyn’s Embroidery
2nd Floor, University Courtyard, La Salle Avenue
Bacolod City, 6100 Negros Occidental
Open from Monday to Saturdays, from 10am to 7pm
FB Page: Jenelyn’s Embroidery
For appointments, contact: (0915) 3519408 | 034 705 8806

Moms, if these things make you feel good about yourselves, they by all means do this from time to time. It will help you sanity. haha


31 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions: Instant New Look for Mommy

  1. I am one of those mums who always forgets about herself, and now I am considering some dramatic change in my look. I am blonde but maybe is time to have a short, black bob with long fringe…
    Your eyelashes look so lovely with those extensions, so natural, maybe this is something i should consider for myself, too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’ve never had eyelash extensions before as I have heard mixed reviews! I have a collection of false lashes though, my make up never feels complete until they are on!

    1. Good for you if you know how to attach false eyelashes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t so I prefer eyelash extensions because somebody is doing it for me ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Wohaa this looks like an intense procedure. The eye lashes look lovely on you. I love how the extensions look , it looks really natural on you.

  4. I actually love the idea of having eyelash extensions put in to make my lashes appear more lengthy and eye catching. And it is perfect for the days where you can’t be bothered to put on any makeup too, especially if you have had zero hours sleep as well.

    1. hahaha so true. I forgot to put on foundation the other day and when I saw my reflection at the mall, it wasn’t too shabby. It’s seems like I still look fresh. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I have been dying to get this eyelash extensions done! How long does it take? How long can you maintain the extensions? I think I’m going to ask for this for Mother’s Day gift! You look great!

    1. Hi Milena! Just about 30-45 minutes, depending on how many eyelash extensions they have to attach. ๐Ÿ˜€ And depending on how you care for them, they could last up to a month. You just don’t pull at them or rub your eyes. Just have the human eyelash extensions because they are more comfortable. The synthetic ones did not stay long on me because they were bothersome and I had to pull them out as they were itchy. hehe

  6. Your eyelash extensions look great and dramatic! But not at all like they are too much either. You go, mommy! Looks good on you!

  7. I’ve never tried eyelash extensions before. That’s really interesting and I like the results as well. I think this is a great way to treat yourself especially when you’ve been lacking in the me-time department.

  8. This is something I have heard of just now. The extensions really made your eyelashes fuller and longer. The lady sure has a lot of patience to attach these extensions one lash at a time!

  9. I love the idea of getting these done! I just haven’t gotten round to ever trying it! Isn’t it mad how many semi-permanent treatments we can get done! You could basically wake up with a full face of make up on!

    1. hahahaha that’s is so true. I wanted to try their eyeliner tattoo, too. Maybe after the eyelash extensions have fallen off. hihi

        1. You can find the contact number and address of Jenelyn’s Embroidery at the bottom on the post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow! These eyelash extension looks pretty and natural. Good choice. I understand as a mother you appreciate having time to yourself, i’m sure life can get pretty hectic with two kids AND homeschooling . I admire this post as it shows you can still be a caring/involved mum whilst also having quality time for yourself.

  11. Wow it looks great on you! Fabulous eyelash extensions!
    How I wish I am not so uptight to try this trend.

    1. Oh that, I don’t about the side effects because the eyelash extensions will just naturally fall off. But as for the glue, I am not sure if it will affect the eyesight. But I’m sure if it’s not done always, like giving the eyes some rest, there won’t be a problem. This is already my second time to go for it, though this time with the use of human hair.

  12. I’ve been thinking about getting eyelash extensions done. I don’t like wearing false lashes because I can feel them the whole time I’m wearing them… I also tried those magnetic lashes, I wasn’t a big fan…lol. These look very natural on you, one would assume that after the glue has fully cured you wouldn’t even feel like you had them done.

    1. Yeah, feels pretty good and light. And since they look good on me, my face shines brighter and I love it!

  13. I would need this eyelash extensions treatment badly – but when someone does something around my eyes (besides putting on eye shadow), I get all jumpy. Too bad, it would really improve my look.

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