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Easter Fun Day at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod


Easter is Resurrection Sunday and commemorate the Lord Jesus’ sacrifice and ascension because that is where our hope and faith are anchored. After that, our family went out and the kids got to enjoy in an Easter Fun Day celebration at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod.

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
On the stage of L’Fisher Hotel’s Easter Fun Day, before the program started.

Easter Fun Day

As usual, our kids are excited for Easter Sunday. They know very well the story of the resurrection and they are also excited to play for an Easter Egg Hunt. I think it’s the hunt that makes things interesting.

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
We got to L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod early so we had some nice photo opps when there was not too many people around.

This year, our whole family was invited to the Easter Fun Day at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod. There were many activities lined up for the event that lasted three hours. And flower decors made the entire roof deck like spring time fun.

Easter Fun Day Activities

So here are the activities ad offerings lined up for Easter Fun Day at L’Fisher Hotel:

  • Easter Egg Hunting
  • Parlor Games with Prizes
Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Shane actually joined the sack race! Yey!
  • Magic Show by Big Jay Kidologist
  • Food Booths
  • Heavy Snacks
  • Best in Costume Parade with Prizes
  • Loot Bags
  • Swimming Fun
Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Din had flowers on her face.
  • Face Painting
  • Twisted Balloons
  • Photo Booth
Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Siobe’s face painting session. She asked for a rainbow design.
Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Magic Show by Big Jay Kidologist.

Good Weather

The Easter Fun Day was held at the roof deck of L’Fisher Chalet where the outdoor pool is located. We were thankful for the good weather because the set up of flowers, eggs, and faux grasses were all outdoors. While the sun was out, it wasn’t so hot that afternoon.

After the program, the weather was still good for some swimming fun in their pool. The kids enjoyed the night cap so much!

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Dindin and Shane with good friends Isabel and Ethan. We were also together last week during our outing at Lantawan View Silay.

But what made it more fun was the presence of friends. Yep, the kids friends Isabel, Ethan, and Kimy were also there. So the kids got to spend time with them.

Easter Egg Hunt

We came in early for the registration and were just allowed to roam freely. My kids found eggs already but I told them to put them back and wait for the program to start. Sadly, when the other kids started arriving, some of them already collected the eggs.

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
It got a little crazy during the Easter Egg Hunt.

The program started without much fanfare and my kids were still having their face painting. So when it was announced that the program was starting with the egg hunt, there were only a few left and my kids were not able to hunt anymore. So many kids were not able to get eggs actually. 🙁

I think it would have been best to have the egg hunt area cordoned off until the program has started in order to give the kids a fair start.

Best in Costumes

Most of the kids came in costumes. As for our daughters, we did not really get them the usual Easter costumes from the mall. I mixed and matched their outfits to come up with some new look and paired them with bunny ears. That was enough for them.

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
The two girls were among the top 10 finalists for Best in Easter Costume.

They joined the Easter Costume Parade and both of them landed on the top 10 finalists. When it came to the Top 5, however, our little Shane had a meltdown.

It started when the microphone passed her and she wasn’t given a chance to sing. hahaha Then she wouldn’t follow instructions anymore and that led to a meltdown until it was time for swimming. Siobe’s EQ needs to develop some more.

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Siobe was among the first finalists to be called for the Best in Easter Costume.

Dindin, on the other hand, landed a runner up spot and won some toys. The grand prize winner won an overnight stay at the L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod while the second and third placers won swimming vouchers for L’Fisher Chalet.

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Dindin got assorted toys for being a runner up in the Best in Costume contest.

Endless Food

Ticket prices for the Easter Fun Day was P500 per child and P300 per adult guardian. But it was so worth it for the endless food. There was a lot, including chocolates of Easter designs!!!

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Some Easter candies and cupcakes.

There were food booths for the kids that included churros con chocolate, beef shawarma, pancakes, hotdogs, yogurt, cupcakes, chocolates, and fries.

Meanwhile, there were assisted buffet tables for both kids and adults. We were not able to finish the food that was provided because really, there was a lot. It was so worth it!

Night Swimming

Part of the Easter Fun Day ticket is swimming at L’Fisher Chalet. We initially wanted to go swimming before the event started, however, we thought it would be hard to tear the kids from their swimming fun. Also, it would be difficult to put on their costumes on when their bodies are still damp. It would be too bothersome.

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
Din and Kimy in the big pool.

So we opted to go swimming after the event, just so everything was already finished and we nothing else to attend to. And the kids had so much fun!

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
The enjoy night swimming. Weather was really fine for a swim.

The kids had a lot of physical activity that date because they ran around so much before and during the event and then went swimming afterwards. Great exercise for the kids. And the best thing was, it was outdoors! 😀

Hotel Information

L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod 
14th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. (63) (34) 433 3731
FB page: L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod

Easter Fun Day - L'Fisher Hotel Bacolod
The culmination of the Easter Fun Day is the blowing of giant bubbles!

Find L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod on the map.

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5 thoughts on “Easter Fun Day at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod

  1. It looks like you and your family had a day full of fun activities! My husband and I had a quiet Easter Sunday and went to brunch as a couple. I miss egg hunts from when I was a kid!

  2. Wow! What a busy day for your kids last Easter, definitely a lot of fun and food which will mark a good family memory – I wish to bring my nieces to these kind of events too. Thanks for sharing!

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