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Choose Breeze with EcoClean Technology: Tough on Stains, Kind to Nature


In oder to better serve the community, Breeze Laundry Powder has made their product more eco-friendly. They are introducing the Breeze with EcoClean Technology to the market, which is touted to be tough on stains but kind to the environment. Read more.

Discover the Breeze EcoClean Technology

Nowadays, parents are always looking out to make the right choices for their kids and home. They want to give their kids the best of the best in order to help make the world a better place for their future. More than this, they are also teaching their children clean living practices and giving them early exposure to environmental responsibilities. They are instilling in them important behaviors so they can grow to be more conscious of and to be kind to their surroundings.  

As everything starts in the home, parents want to make sure they also choose the right products and brands to help their children learn more about natural and environmentally-conscious living. What you use daily affects our world, from the plastic containers and packaging, to the ingredients that go into the formulation. 

Breeze, a beloved laundry detergent brand in the Philippines, introduces its all-new enviro-friendly formulation to give parents the #EcoClean choice. Breeze is now produced with the #EcoClean Technology, as it is boosted with environment-friendly ingredients. It gives a powerful clean that’s kind to the environment and the hands.

The Use of Natural Ingredients

Made with both moms’ laundry needs and the environment in mind, the improved formulation consists of four naturally-derived stain removers. It can remove different kinds of stains or dirt marks and is weight-efficient. It also contains biodegradable enzymes, surfactants, and foam boosters. Most of all, its plant-based ingredients replace crude oil-based materials, which is also healthier for the user.

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~With the Breeze with EcoClean Technology, the naturally-derived stain removers promise to deliver the same kind of clean without harming nature. ~

Apart from its refreshed ingredients, Breeze with EcoClean Technology also promises to give you the same expertise in stain removal. Plus, it continues the great whiteness maintenance and long-lasting fragrance the brand is known for. But it remains kind to the surroundings and your hands while doing all the tough work.

Make the #EcoClean choice with the all-new Breeze with EcoClean Technology. Stay tough on stains, while being kind to your environment. If you haven’t yet, this can be the start of your eco-parenting journey

Note: The new Breeze with EcoClean Technology laundry powder is now available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. You can also get it through e-commerce platforms, such as Shopee. For more information visit the Breeze Philippines’ Facebook page.


7 thoughts on “Choose Breeze with EcoClean Technology: Tough on Stains, Kind to Nature

  1. Wow may Bago ang Breeze. Tough in stains kind in Environment and in hands.
    Invironmentally friendly. Sarap e try. Banayad pa s kamay.
    #EcoClean choice

  2. Im a huge Fan of breeze too.Really love this Laundry Powder.
    Napakabango ng Scent pero mild lang
    Napakagaling din magtanggal ng Mantsa..
    So nice naman ng Breeze. It has now have a #EcoClean Technology booster.Napaka Eco Friendly na.

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