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Beat The Heat With The Best Cooling Comfort From Sharp


Summer’s here and we can’t help but think of ways how to beat the heat and keep our cool at home. With the long summer in the Philippines, it is important to have a reliable partner at home that will not only provide convenience but also provide maximum comfort and savings. Here are some products from Sharp that have the best cooling comfort.

Sharp Home Appliances with the Best Cooling Comfort

With the raging heat of the sun, Sharp’s got you covered with its cooling air conditioner and refrigerator products. With a wide variety of offerings, Sharp provides the best quality through its innovative technologies and features providing a life of ease to all of its customers.

Sharp Cool and Comfortable Air Conditioner (AC)

Give the best cooling comfort to your home with the revolutionary air conditioner from Sharp. The brand offers a variety of Split Type AC products ranging from 1.0hp, 1.5hp, 2.0hp, and 2.5hp. It consists of Premium, Standard, and Basic Categories. The standard model is equipped with Plasmacluster lon (PCI) Technology while the premium model has an additional AIOT feature for added convenience. On the other hand, Sharp also offers window-type category AC with both inverter and non-inverter types.

Extraordinary Cooling. The best way to beat the heat is to have the best cooling temperature at home. The good news is that Sharp has 14 degree Celsius, the lowest temperature in the industry, which provides the ultimate comfort. It also has 0.5 increments, an added feature wherein you can adjust the temperature by providing an additional 0.5 temp. (eg. 16.5, 18.5, etc.). Plus, it has a unique Coanda Airflow feature that provides greater Air Flow length by streaming cool air upwards along the ceiling.

Sharp Best Cooling Refrigerator for Home

With the scorching summer heat, having a reliable refrigerator appliance is also a must. Sharp refrigerator does not only provide the best cooling experience, but it also provides the best care for its customers by providing innovative technologies for all their needs. Sharp has a wide variety of offerings including Side by side, 5-Door, 4-Door, and 2-Door Inverter refrigerators, and more, which caters to all types of homes and lifestyle.

Style meets Comfort. The functionality of the Sharp refrigerator is truly remarkable with the numerous technologies equipped in the unit. In fact, the brand was also recognized as the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for refrigerators by Reader’s Digest. It is equipped with a 7-Shield feature that is proven to have a safe operation and high endurance under various circumstances. Moreover, our refrigerator offers wide storage that can perfectly fit food for all occasions. Aside from functionality, Sharp also prioritizes style adding a touch of elegance to your home. Such as the new model for 4-Door No Frost Inverter(SJ- FTF525BVP-DS), gained recognition in the IF Design Award 2021.

Energy-Saving Features

One unique feature equipped in Sharp AC and Refrigerator products is the J-Tech Inverter Technology. This feature provides maximum energy savings to the customers. For AC, it can save them as much as 65% matched with its eco mode feature. Sharp continuously increases its line-up of inverter models aiming to provide top energy-saving features for more efficient use of appliances, especially this summer season. In addition, with the help of these inverter products, it lets people contribute to helping save the environment for future generations.

Sharp Prioritizes Health

The company is also committed to providing customers with the best health. Sharp’s original Plasmacluster lon (PCI) Technology deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria by up to 99.9%. It releases positive and negative ions in the air that help eliminate viruses, odors, and allergens. With AC products equipped with this technology, it provides a clean and healthier space for the whole family creating a healthier home.

Aside from providing cleaner air, Sharp also incorporated its PCI Technology to its refrigerator products which makes it one of the best summer kitchen essential. With food being an important part of our summer experience, maintaining its quality is likewise important. The PCI Technology helps keep the food fresh and prolongs the life and quality of food.

Summer is truly a season we’re looking forward to and Sharp is here to provide the best cooling comfort and convenience. Catering to all types of lifestyle, Sharp lives up to its values of sincerity and creativity by providing products that adds value to life and making every season more enjoyable.

  • Sharp Air Conditioner and Refrigerator products are available at leading stores nationwide including online stores such as Lazada and Shopee. For more information, please visit the Sharp Official Website at https://ph.sharp/ and Sharp Facebook Official Page at https://www.facebook.com/SharpPhilippines.

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