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BDO Pay: Pay All Your Bills Before Breakfast


Bills are part of life in this day and age. In fact, due dates are already part and parcel of our monthly routines. In this highly-industrialized and modern world that we live in, we cannot do or have most things without paying for our bills.–including our children’s education. Despite having the means to pay them, sometimes the actual “paying” in payment centers can be a drag that a lot of times that we often get overdue. We long for more flexibility and convenience that can only be found with paying online payment venues like BDO Pay. Learn more about how BDO Pay can surely lighten the Pinay homemaker’s heavy burden.

A Filipino Family’s Traditional Money Management Roles

Traditionally, the husband works for the family’s upkeep while the wife takes care of the entire household. In the ideal setup, the husband earns enough money for the family’s needs. His income is dutifully handed over in full to the wife, who in turn handles the family budget. She makes sure that the family is fed and clothed, the mortgage is paid, along with all the monthly utility bills. Moreover, she makes sure that her husband has clean clothes when he goes to work and that he gets enough spending money.

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~ A mom can only wish that she can use all 24 hours of her day. ~

But those times have changed and inflation has hit us hard for many decades. If we want to be able to provide for our family, like a safe home, good food, private education for the kids, and vacations, we need to earn more. So more often than not, wives work in order to bring in their share of the family expenses.

Despite being a career woman, the mom is still expected to fulfill her duties as a wife, mother, homemaker, and household manager. She is usually the one tasked to pay for the utility bills, school dues, as well her husband’s credit cards. Perhaps, it is also because a woman can multi-task better.

However, the family responsibilities, along with errands, as well as limited time in the bank, can sometimes result in overdue payments. Thankfully, most big companies now, including banks and utilities, have gone online. All we needed was an online payment hub where we can pay all our bills simply—anytime and anywhere.

BDO Pay: Pay All Your Bills Before the Day Begins

Nowadays, our mobile phones have become necessities. Not only do we use them for communicating with family and friends, but we also use them for fitness, entertainment, shopping, and yes, online banking.

BDO Pay: Bills paid before breakfast

What is BDO Pay?

Simply put, BDO Pay is a mobile app that lets you make payments straight from your BDO accounts. It’s so simple and convenient because you don’t have to transfer funds anymore. You can just scan BDO Pay QRs to pay in stores or restaurants, Pay Bills, and even Send Money.

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~ The app is totally free to download. ~

How to Use the App

It doesn’t take much to set up your account in this app.

  • 1. Download the BDO Pay app for free from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or the Huawei AppGallery.
  • 2. Sign up by simply using your BDO Online Banking username and password. Make sure that you have a strong password that you update regularly. And please, do not share it with anyone.
  • 3. Link or associated your BDO credit cards as well as other BDO accounts to pay.

What if you don’t have BDO online banking?

Just go to the BDO website and follow this flow.

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click Online Banking.  
  • 3. Enroll to sign up, taking note of your correct username and password. Doublecheck everything you input.
  • 4. Use Online Banking details to sign up for the BDO Pay app

What are the Benefits of BDO Pay?

BDO Pay has just so many different physical as well as emotional benefits and advantages to the busy mom who often lacks sleep. Here are just some of them.


Moms often stay up late, even after everyone has fallen asleep. She does all sorts of things, like do the ironing, cleaning, budgeting, daily or weekly menu planning…all while watching her favorite K-Drama. She also wakes up earlier than everyone else in order to prepare breakfast for the family. Many times, she forgets even herself and remembers the last minute that she has bills to pay.

With BDOPay, she doesn’t have to leave the house and queue for long hours in order to just make payments. She can do it even while doing No. 2. (Admit it. haha) Yes, it’s bills payment anytime and anywhere—literally.

Money Management.

Sometimes, it is hard to keep track of the family’s expenditures. Using BDO Pay, which is connected to a BDO bank account, makes it easier for the payor to track down the money coming in vis-a-vis the payables. Budgeting becomes more on point, too.

Easy to Do.

It is an app that’s designed to make things easy. So 1-2 taps are all it takes to complete your list of billers.

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~ So easy to use! ~

Many Partner Billers and Merchants

In just one sitting, you can already virtually visit so many payment centers. BDO Pay is recognized by the following:

  • Credit cards
  • Electric utilities
  • Government dues
  • HMO
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Loans
  • Payment Solutions
  • Real Estate (Mortgage)
  • Reloads
  • Schools
  • Telecoms and Internet
  • Transportation
  • TV or Cable
  • Water
  • Stores
  • Restaurants

Just visit the bank’s website for a complete and updated list.

Go Cashless

Nowadays, our worry is no longer just physical threats like pickpockets and all. There is also the daily threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we boost our immunity and improve our overall protection with vaccination, we still try to go cashless to avoid handling physical money. That is why cashless is the way to do it.

BDO Pay QRs can be used to pay partner merchants and restaurants just by scanning the QR Code of the establishment.

Request Money or Ask for Payment

Aside from sending money as payments to online purchases made or allowances of children, the app may also be used to request money or ask for payments. This should be an additional payment option for every entrepreneur.

Split Bills

Going out with friends and you need to split the bill? You can do that in-app–up to the last centavo!

Easy Management and Security

The bank account and app can be easily secured with just a few taps on the phone. There are several security measures to accomplish because transactions can be made.

BDO Pay: Bills paid before breakfast

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~ With BDO Pay: bills paid before breakfast. Then you can enjoy your scenic garden while having your favorite cup of coffee. ~

For more information, visit this link:

Get the App

It is just so easy to get the BDO Pay app. And it’s totally FREE. Download the Link and follow the steps.

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21 thoughts on “BDO Pay: Pay All Your Bills Before Breakfast

  1. BDO Always find ways. Hastle free paying bills because of BDO. Very convenient esp to us Mommies na WFH ANd stay at Home Moms na wala na halos time lumabas ng Bahay. Thanks to BDO. To the rescue.!

  2. Wow ! This is really a great NEWS sa lahat ng mommies specially sa mga working moms @ home like me mommy Sig. Good thing naman at we have BDOPay na. I don ‘t need to leave the house and make pila pila. Hehe

  3. Thank you for sharing this convenient and easy way of transacting in bank kahit na hnd nagppunta sa mismong bank. 👍🏻 Kaya will switch to BDO na para makapagBDOPay na dn mommy Sig.

  4. BDO Pay is our much needed apps during these times na as much as possible ay ayaw mong lumabas to avoid crowd or kaya naman sobrang busy lang talaga na pati paglabas ay hindi magawa just to settle your bills. Very convenient kasi you can do it anytime you wanted right at the comfort in your home. No more hassles talaga.

  5. Wow . The best po talaga ang BDO . They find ways to support their customers lalo na ngayong pandemic. Sa tulong ng BDO PAY mas magiging convenient, hassle-free at mabilis na ang pagbabayad ng mga bills . Kaya no worries na lumagpas sa due date ..

  6. Tama po Mommy, sa sobrang busy sa loob ng bahay. May mga bagay na nakakalimutan po. Buti na lng po may BDOpay, na pedeng gamitin po natin. Thanks for sharing this Mommy Sig.

  7. The BDO Pay app helps a lot in terms of time, energy and money. It is Safe and convenient to do online banking right at the comfort of your home. Fast and secure sending money and funds, as well e-loading. Gandang service!

  8. Wow! Thank God for the technology and the Bdo that find ways to make things easier, especially in banking activities. ❤️❤️❤️ Happy na may BDO Pay na .

  9. Super convenient talaga si BDO. Ang gaking nga may digital banking na at napakalaking tulong nito lalo na ngayong pandemic. Less hassle sa pag pila at di kailangan itake ang risk para lumabas ng bahay. Daming partnership kaya pwedeng pwede magbayad ng bills, umorder ng foods & may more. BDO always find ways talaga para sa ating mga Filipino para mas mapadali ang pang araw araw na buhay natin.

  10. Galing naman ng BDO 💕 they always find ways talaga para mas maging convenient and less hussle na sa mga customer nila ang pagbabayad ng bills ❤️ Thanks for sharing po.

  11. Totally agree!!!
    Big help talaga ang BDO 👍
    Lalo na ngayong Ang hirap lumabas .very convenient na and hassle free 🆓 Yung matitiping mong oras sa pagpili ay gawing mo nalang na quality time with kids 😊

  12. Hassle free na ang pagbabayad ng bill tru BDO Pay. Just few clicks lang bayad na ang bills mo. BDO Pay offers safe banking, convinient and easy/fast transactions. Pila no more! Very helpful ‘to lalo na sa panahon ngayon na mahirap pumila at lumabas ng bahay dahil sa pandemyang kinahaharap natin ngayon. The best talaga ang service ng BDO! BDO always find ways to make our everyday life so easy. Galing! 💙

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