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Our Ballet Dad Celebrates 5 Years


Celebrating Our Ballet Dad

When there are little dancers, there will also be dance parents. For our family, we have our ballet dad. And we appreciate him so much for that.

ballet dad - Bacolod dance school - Bacolod ballet school for girls - Father's Day
Our ballet dad and his girls during the recently concluded Grand Recital 2018 of the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance held at the St. Scholastica’s Gym.

Our eldest daughter Dindin celebrated five years of studying ballet at the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance — a well-known dance school here in Bacolod City. But she’s not the only one having an anniversary. How long she has stayed in ballet school is also the same amount of time that hubby has been a ballet dad.

The Beginnings

Dindin started studying ballet in April 2013, when she was four years old. She attended the summer dance workshop. I remember she was so cute in her new tights, leotards, and tutu skirt. Everything that she wore was in pink.

ballet dad - Bacolod dance school - Bacolod ballet school for girls - Father's Day
Din’s first ballet recital. She was 4 years and 2 months old back then.

She was a lovely dancer at 4 years old and she loved ballet and her teachers, so we decided to let her continue.

Shane’s Turn

Eventually, Dindin had a younger sister, Shane. Sometimes, we would go to the ballet school together as a family, bringing little Shane with us. Since she was exposed to ballet ever since she can remember, it seemed inevitable that Shane would eventually go to ballet school as well.

ballet dad - Bacolod dance school - Bacolod ballet school for girls - Father's Day
We brought Shane along to ballet school ever since she was a baby. she is pictured here with Drew. She’s the daughter of Gianne Sanchez Sanson, principal of the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance.

Fast forward four and a half years later, Din was joined by Shane, who was now in the beginner’s class. Dindin, naturally, had already moved up several times.

ballet dad - Bacolod dance school - Bacolod ballet school for girls - Father's Day
Last year’s ballet recital, Shane was still with us in the audience.

We were just very happy that they had the same schedule even if they belonged to different classes because, at least, Papa can drive them together at the same time.

Mama’s Role

In our home, we have no helper and driver, so it’s pretty much hubby and I who do everything for the kids. So before the kids leave for ballet, I feed them, put them in proper ballet attire, pack their bags, and of course, tie their hair up into the standard ballet bun.

When they come back after, I make sure that they have hot water for their baths and then prepare them for dinner time.

Papa’s Sacrifice

While I take care of all their “before and after” routines, it is their Dad who takes them to ballet school and waits for them to be done. He does not come home anymore because, although our house is quite near the school, the traffic congestion will just eat up his time. And he will just waste gas.

ballet dad - Bacolod dance school - Bacolod ballet school for girls - Father's Day
Din’s first grand recital experience. She had a bouquet here from her Tita Pepay and she was so happy. The previous year, we did not get flowers and she wondered why she didn’t when the others got flowers. haha

So he stays at the waiting area of the school or sometimes in the car, enduring boredom for an hour or so, until his girls are ready to go home. This he does, twice a week, just so his girls could study dance.

Honoring Dad

While you might think that it’s not that hard a task to do, I want to honor him because of the sacrifices that he’s done for the girls. Dindin does not only study ballet, she also has voice lessons, golf lessons, theater, art, etc. So who drives her? Dad, of course. Although, it’s not yet Father’s Day, you deserve this Dad.

ballet dad - Bacolod dance school - Bacolod ballet school for girls - Father's Day
The girls at ballet had a costume party for Halloween 2016.

So, to our super Dad, thank you. Thank you for your love and your commitment to this family. Thank you for taking care of the girls and allowing them to study and shine in the fields that they are good in. We love you to bits, though, I know that sometimes we make your crazy. haha Love love!

We let our kids continue dance for their over all development. And since we are homeschooling in Bacolod, it is one of their extra curricular activities as well as makes up for their physical education.

We also believe that there are different types of learners and the performing arts is one aspect of learning.

Note: Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance is located at 17th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City, Philippines.

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31 thoughts on “Our Ballet Dad Celebrates 5 Years

  1. There is something about a good dad that just warms my heart. I know many kids who don’t have that father presence in their lives and it’s so essential. Super dad indeed. Yay! (Looks like a happy family to me) xo

    1. Thank you! The kids sure are blessed to have such a hands-on and loving dad. And I am blessed with him as my lifetime partner, too. 🙂

  2. What a heartwarming post! It is lovely to see such supportive parents! I love that you tackle the idea of gendered stereotypes in regards to parenting. Sounds like a great support system your children have 🙂

  3. This is really lovely. I think it’s nice for the kids to find something they’re passionate about. I love how supportive you are with your daughters. Their father is amazing!

  4. Congratulations to Dindin!Such a lovely girl pursuing dance, that is so commendable for you and her mum as her parents. It is very encouraging to see strong dads who are this active in the lives of their children and work to honor and help them achieve their dreams. Really cute family!

  5. This is so lovely and the sweetest story I’ve read ever. I love how this Dad shows love and takes care of his daughters.

  6. Their father seems a very nice person. He is doing a great job in letting the girls learn ballet, which is a very elegant dance form. The kids looks very happy to have their dad bringing them to ballet.

  7. What a wonderful partner you have! Great to see how a man can take up a not so typical role, so inspiring, hope more of them could do the same. Wonderful hobby for the little girls, ballet is beautiful.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully, more and more men will get out of the stereotyped gender roles and step up on their fatherhood roles. 🙂

  8. I LOVED watching my daughter do ballet, and my husband did, too. Unfortunately the teen years captured other interests. I miss her dancing!! 🙁

    1. Oh yeah, that’s reality. Honestly, we don’t know if the kids will pursue dance after they are 10 years old. They may or may not all. But I do pray that the discipline that they learned in ballet will carry on through life. 😀

  9. This is such a sweet story. I think it’s very good for kids to dedicate themselves to something they enjoy. And it’s important that they feel the support and love from their parents. Way to go dance parents!

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