Alert: P100K PLDT Home Rewards x Maya Giveaway


Does your family budget need some boosting? Who doesn’t, right? Managing your family budget in the midst of this unprecedented inflation is just so stressful. Savings and the little comforts you try to afford yourself and your family need to take a backseat in favor of necessities for the home. No one said adulting is going to be THIS hard!

The 100K PLDT Home Rewards x Maya Giveaway

Luckily for you, being a PLDT Home subscriber has its perks!

You can be one of five (5) lucky PLDT Home subscribers who can take home P100,000 next month. This will be credited directly to your Maya wallet.

Imagine what you can do with P100K? You can boost your home budget and use these Maya credits to fund daily essentials like groceries, food, or to pay your bills. Better yet, have those extra funds that you can use for gadgets, home upgrades, that dream family vacation, or even that long-overdue investment!

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~ Singer Gigi de Lana for PLDT Home. ~

All of these are possible with the latest partnership between PLDT Home Rewards and the country’s all-in-one money app, Maya. 

How to Join the PLDT Home x Maya Giveaway

There are two ways PLDT subscribers like you can join this exciting raffle promo. You can get raffle entries simply by enrolling in the PLDT Home Rewards or by merely paying your PLDT Home bills via the Maya app. Only those that are fully paid on time via the Maya app from July 15 to August 31, 2022 are qualified.

Just to give you a little something extra, paying your PLDT bills through the Maya app also earns you 10 additional Crystals (PLDT Home loyalty points). You can collect these and exchange them for discounts, rebates, and deals from over 40 merchants nationwide.    

Enjoy limitless possibilities with PLDT Home and experience the safe and secure online convenience from Maya that allows you to pay bills, shop, do digital banking, and more! 

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