2nd VP Awards Mommy Blog of the Year Nomination


Following the heels of my Blog of the Year Award in the 2020 Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA 2020), now I get another nomination. It’s no longer just Visayas-wide but the 2nd VP Choice Awards–a nationwide contest. This probinsyana mommy blogger is already honored to be a part of this event.

Being nominated in 2nd VP Awards for the Mommy Blog of the Year is already an honor in itself. I was nominated by my friend, Mommy Ruby, and I can feel heartwarming happiness swelling in my heart.

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~ Other nominees for the Mommy Blog of the Year Award. These fellow moms are already celebrities in their own right. ~

That is because I am the only mommy blogger from the Vis-Min region to be included in the circle. And for my name to be placed beside celebrity mommy bloggers is already an achievement.

Help Me Win the Mommy Blog of the Year for VP Choice Awards

Part of the judging is for the Mommy Blog of the Year Award is popularity. I know that I may not have a lot of followers compared to the other contenders.

But you can help me win by voting for me in two ways.

I. Facebook Share

It’s not the LIKES but the SHARES that are counted. In order for your vote on Facebook to be counted, please share the VP Awards official post. Link here:

II. Daily Voting

The second way is by voting daily through the Village Pipol website. There are 6 choices so you can click on my name and hit the blue VOTE button at the bottom. Check the results if your vote has been counted. Remember, you can come back every day — if you can. Click here.

The past year may have been difficult for us. But that inspired me to keep writing and empower fellow mommies in this journey. That is the reason why my series, Resilient Pinay Moms, was started. It’s the journey of strong modern Filipinas in the face of adversity.

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Thank you so much, Village Pipol for this opportunity to be part of the 2nd VP Choice Awards! Win or lose, I will treasure this journey.

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3 thoughts on “2nd VP Awards Mommy Blog of the Year Nomination

  1. We are always here to support you Po Mommy Sig ♥️ keep on inspiring us, and keep on Sharing tips to us. God bless you po.😇

  2. Ang Gandang project po itong Search for the VP top mommy blogger.. Nabibigyan po ng appreciation ung mga mommy bloggers na inspirational katulad nyo..Congrats in advance mommy sigrid..E veryday ko po shini- share ung nomination post nyo 😊😊😊

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